Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


No, it’s permanent after you initially spend the rage to activate it. The only things that will stop it is an ice flak supershot or the attacker using the secondary of the spell.

Yes, it’s a red spell.

He is too good to be true, and I, for one, want to see him nerfed. He’ll break the game in his current state. Right now, he looks like an “I win” button to me.


Now that is more like it! Fitting name, awesome lore, great spell kit and a killer class! Thanks Crisis :smiley: can’t wait to see this flown!


As an attacker, I love him.
As a defender, uhhh…




I know, I drool at the sound of having him as an attacker. But then I think about wars where defense literally means nothing because you can’t do anything to stop him. :persevere:


I am personally of the opinion that every dragon can be shot down in some way given that the base is great and the defenders know what they are doing.
But this is, yeah, pretty nuts.
I would hate for people to spend their sigils on a product only for it to be changed… so I implore ya’ll, wait a little bit for the other shoe to drop. :t_rex:


Thansk for the update. But that is one crazy powerful dragon then.


I don’t have an ice flak so time to beef up my fire flak so I can bring him down to normal attack power and hope for the best. :joy:


I wish I had enough embers for a Fire Flak… I can’t reliably level my Dark if I blow them all on a FF… but I really might need one now.
I can’t decide. If anyone has any advice, please tell me. :t_rex:


Yeah, I’m all out of elemental embers and my fire flak is a little bit behind my dark flak… It’ll be rough going.

As many people have said, don’t build your base around one dragon. Though I find a fire flak and dark flak works for many dragons. But get this OP hunter and let me know how destroying everything in your path goes while I fiddle around with my not so mythic Pathox. :sweat_smile:


Hehehe. Now that we’re on the same team you better invite me to spectate your Pathox runs! :t_rex:


You might be backing me up with Prospero cause my Pathox can’t handle it. :rofl:


No problemo! I happen to be decent with Ember too, if I do say so myself. :t_rex:


+150% damage for a non-expiring white spell? PG, this is a terrible decision. For comparison’s sake, Seething Spark is a blue spell and buffs attack by +25%. Autumn’s Reap for Fomhar is +85%. This is on top of a WHITE cloak and a heal. I am 1 prize from finishing Sylphen and I am seriously debating whether to pick up Prospero instead of Pathox, which is insane. I know PG wants to encourage the whales to spend and spend and spend, but when a legendary hunter gets released that makes players regret the decision to spend for the mythic, they just won’t spend. I know I won’t bother.


It doesn’t stack with gear or boosts. So if you have a 60/60 geared prospero, and a 30/30 health and attack boost, it’s only going to increase your attack by around 40% more than normal attacks (research is factored in there but idk the exact amounts).


But presumably the same goes for Airbean and Fomhar’s boosts? So this is still way better than those (and any other boost I’m aware of?), and always on, and unblockable by a mage…


Lorenzo is my brother’s name :smiley: PG chose an Italian name :slight_smile:


Prospero looking really nerfable atm…gonna get him early and have my fun before that😂


On paper seems super overpower


Is it worth to even wait for Somnus details?


The season is based off of Venetian Masquerades I think.