Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


I for one really like the looks of Prospero…as an attacker. When my team goes to war I will send an email to my team letting them know that my base stands no chance against it. I will be waiting to get him just in case he gets a hard nerf.

Are Lorenzo’s stats the same as Tanok? And his gear is Atlas Epic equivalent right?


Yeah seems Arlecchino but idk…


Until the dragon is released and people have him, the comments about how God-mode Prospero is are based in conjecture. There is a tiny group of people who have first-hand knowledge of how he fares against level appropriate towers. Is he going to be good? Probably. Is he going to win all encounters ever? No.


So, distill this down for me … why would someone stop chasing Pathox and go for Prospero? :thinking:


Nah, if it’s really a sorcerer, how good can it be?


Was there ever a very strong sorcerer from seasonal dragons? Heard Kinnarus was good?


Sylphen is pretty good


I stand fiercely by my Zotz.
Kinnarus? Not so much. :t_rex:


Fae was actually very good.

Edit - and I HATE sorcerors, as in refuse to fly them. But Fae was a lot of fun and surprisingly strong.


That’s because Kinnaraus was super easy to fly and a bit of a tank with the shield and the dodo. I’ve never seen a Kinnaraus make it past my base though, even undefended. :rofl:

True, when he doesn’t glitch, which is not very often in my experience. But would I take Prospero over Sylphen? Hell yeah.


Fair enough. I don’t have Sylphen, was planning on getting him if Prospero sucked. That plan is a little bit dead now


It’s not that far away now, so might as well? There’ll likely be a preview next week?


I don’t have Fae but had a teammate who did and she always was surprisingly tough. Very cute too.


Not sure if you’re including mythics but I have corth and he’s awesome. Not hard to fly by any means, but a good dragon.


Oooooo yes! I’m so excited to get Prospero!


Not really sure why people would call for the nerfing of Prospero already. Let’s hope he’s a solid dragon then go get him. Obviously if he is insanley OP he will get nerfed but let’s see it happen first before we ask for that. Just my thoughts




I love my Zotz. An amazing clean up dragon that’s bailed me many times.

On topic though I’m saving my sigils in case of a nerf but I’m seriously hoping not :rofl::point_up:t3:




I could be wrong if it happened pre-summer 2017, but I am not aware of a dragon being nerfed after it was released. Huitzil is the only incident I can think of, and that happened pre-release.


Zotz really is an amazing dragon! Too bad I only got to his gold stone.