Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


Us lower levels can finally have somewhat of a go at u higher levels! In that case, yes! We won’t just have to be extremely skilled flyers anymore!


That’s Axi, and that sort of mentality is kinda unbalanced- without good gear and skills, you shouldn’t be able to touch well built, larger bases. Throws off the balance between attack and defense in the game.


Ahh yes, he’s incredibly fun to fly and I think he’s really underrated. I honestly don’t regret my choice.

Same, same :rofl::see_no_evil: :t_rex:


Yes, because who needs skill in a game to actually be good when you can just buy your way to victory. :rofl:

Btw, I’m not much of a higher level. :kissing_heart:


Miss flying Fae but I liked Fae a ton!


Managed to get up to emerald stones. Could have got the obsidian stone but chose to save my rubies lol.


Lucky :cry:


Atk and HP for towers are better
Construction time decrease is the same
Others are worse (12% for Tanok and 5% for Lorenzo)

He’s not worth it because of the mixed shards and gear in his branch for me at least.

:slight_smile: Seems too OP to be true


For 2 rage cost, +150% boost seems fair enough plus i believe ice flak can cancel it right? (please dont give PG solid point to nerf him)


It really doesn’t seem so to me. Chaos gives a +200% boost for a few seconds for that price, this gives you a +150% boost for a minute or more.

If it was a white chaos giving a slightly smaller boost in trade for it being a white spell, that would be fine. The fact that you only need to cast it once per run (maybe twice if you mess up the corner shot and the cloak timing to dodge the ice flak) makes it so overpowered.

I really really hope they do nerf him, preferably before he’s released so it doesn’t screw any buyers over. Because as it stands the dragon just makes base building obsolete.


I don’t see him as so OP to be honest, if you want to put fever second cast to use you’ll need to kill red mage and that’s extra ammo on kill islands as one tends to leave them for last.
And then you’ll need the rage. The runes are not brilliant too so I guess it goes well avoiding equipping epic one and just invest on rage.
I like him, but I will wait for Somrus

Edit: seems also like a storm will handle things quite well on defense, if defended properly


Anything that Axi can kill in 5 taps, this guy kills in 2. You won’t even need the red spell. Kill 3 or 4 towers from the corner, cloak, snipe the last tower from behind. Use the flak resist as a safety net so you still don’t die if you mess up.

You don’t need any rage either, cloak is 1 rage, the damage boost is always on, and you have the rage-regeneration from adaptive resist. Even drained to 0 this one is back to full strength before rounding the corner.


Did you read this?

Given Lutrus’ numbers, it would still take 4 taps…


I don’t know where Lutrus got his numbers, but the bonuses given by spells most certainly do stack with boosts and gear. If they didn’t, the boosts from Avyx and Forhar would do absolutely nothing anymore. I have way more than 50% in boosts and gear on Avyx, and Talon Frenzy still works.

What is true is that these bonuses are additive, so the total impact is indeed a bit smaller. For example, Axi with boost and 60% gear does 190% of base damage. Prospero with the same boost and gear will do 340% damage (190% + 150% from spell), so it’s only a little less than twice the damage. So 3 taps, and only 4 dead towers when attacking 100 levels up. You’ll have to cloak and regen to kill the 5th.


This Prospero guy is really forcing me to rethink going for Pathox… oh gosh. I’ll stack the sigils and spend at the very last week


I guess PG will have to weigh in here (though I’m pretty sure @Lutrus knows what he’s talking about since he’s probably already flown the dragon if he’s still in the GPF), but I’m pretty sure most of these spells come from base HP only (which doesn’t include runes, boosts, rider gear, etc…). There were a lot of people pissed off when they found this out.

@PGCrisis can you clear this up? Does the 150% attack boost on Prospero include all boosts, runes, rider gear, etc… or is it based off of his base HP only?


Yes so am I. That’s sort of exactly what I was showing in my example too.


Sorry if i missed this in this thread somewhere but:

The second cast, is it still a red spell? that isn’t mentioned in the description.


You’ve lost me, then. lol

The question is about the difference the spell will have from the dragon’s ordinary firepower (which includes all the boosts). It is a big deal to me if it’s going to take the shots required from 5 to 2 or 5 to 4. I’m afraid it’s closer to the latter.


Yes. Second cast is red.