Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


I’m talking mainly about short kill islands, and OP means bases significant levels over. Wonder how many clicks on adaptive you can shot with 2 flaks. Not saying he’s not good, maybe just not OP


What are the runes?


Increases the damage inflicted upon Scarlet Fever’s second cast. Mythic also increases hunter damage.


Ok thanks. Not sure the second cast is going to get much of a look in in practice…


Smh. Lol, you guys will figure it out for yourselves :rofl:


Time to introduce new kill tower for prospero…


The interesting looks like is the mythic glyph, says “Increases Scarlet Fever Stun Damage and Hunter Attack


What happened with you man? You used to have all sorts of useful insights, now you just say something that is clearly untrue (“damage boosts from spells don’t stack with armor”) at least for every dragon ever released until now, and then never explain why you think this makes sense.

I know you’re not an idiot, so I’m sure there’s something missing here. Most likely either part or all of what PG claims the dragon will do simply being untrue. But it’s a pity you choose not to share it.


Damage spells Don’t stack with armor. Why do you think Aibrean is so useless?

There are a few that do, like reap, and corth’s blast, but there are more that don’t, and I’m telling you, it doesn’t scale with gear.


It had better, or the dragon’s going to die.


Let me clarify this.

Average flyers will not use the stun. People looking to maximize the dragon’s potential will.

Furthermore, any average flyers who are watching the discussion of how OP Prospero is going to be are going to be sorely disappointed in him. People looking to maximize his potential will have a relatively useful dragon. Not in any way comparable to the technical mastery needed for Hauheset, but certainly not a faceroll “I win” dragon.


I don’t have a real rider on Aibrean, so can’t really check there. But I am 100% certain Talon Frenzy still works fine despite Avyx’ rider having well over 60% attack boost. And yet on my invader towers die in one shot with Talon Frenzy, and in two shots without it.

The bonuses are not multiplicative of course, but it would be crazy if armor and spells didn’t stack, and I’ve never heard anyone trying to claim that so it comes completely out of the left field for me.

What do you base your claim on that spells and other boosts don’t stack?


By no means, do I think this dragon is bad or anything, however, it’s not better than pathox for many reasons, and it’s not this god tier pew pew not a care in the world dragon. It grinds my gears to see that happening and I’m trying to manage people’s expectations.

If you wanna get an insight into how it’ll work, take Aibrean out for a spin with rider and gear, notice the ratio between normal and chaos attack, then take the rider off, and do the same thing.


Can’t really do that as I don’t have decent wind gear yet. But as mentioned I have flown Avyx with high-grade gear and the bonus still works normally.

You are of course correct that it’s proportionally weaker. Working with a base dps of 100 for simplicity. Before riders my Avyx would do about 150 damage (with boosts and research), and 210 with talons on. With the rider it has changes to about 220 damage normally and 280 with talons on. So it used to effectively boost damage by about 40%, and with a good rider it’s just 27% (even less with a maxed elite rider of course).

However, 150% still seems huge. With the same rider and boosts Avyx has the normal damage is the same 220. The always-on boost lifts that to 370. Sure it’s “just” an 68% increase on it’s normal damage, but that’s still pretty massive, and it’s always on. If you would ask me if it would make Axi a little overpowered if the glyph gave +7 ammo I’d be inclined to say yes.

Edit Ps. and thanks for explaining and engaging, I do want to understand this dragon and how the boost really works.


So, there’s this thread…

And in this thread, you (@Morreion) were an active participant.

At one point, you even state that:

…which to me implies that you understood (back in August) that riders and boosts don’t increase spell effectiveness.

I’ve seen this conversation a couple of times on the forums in the last year, and it’s a well established fact that boosts do not impact the majority of spells. Often, it’s plainly stated in the spell that it “does x% damage of base HP” (in the case of the direct attack spells).


I do I do. What I got from what Lutrus said was that they don’t stack at all.
In other words +150% spell and +90% armor would simply give 250% and the lower bonus would be completely ignored. That surprised me very much.

I do realize a +150% bonus won’t make the actual damage output 150% higher. As per the math above, with a reasonable rider you end up somewhere close to 70%, but that’s still a crazy amount. That’s about the same as the difference between maxed emerald and maxed obsidian.


Don’t build a second flak unless you’ve maxed the one you have and have enough embers left over for another level or two when you raise the cap on it.
If you still have plenty of embers after that buffer, by all means build that ice flak! I would recommend keeping it in storage until it’s leveled appropriately, though.


100% agreed.

As for advice to @hellraptor, you could consider opening more gold chests during fort events. With the amount of PvP events reduced, PvP supplies have become less relevant, and fort always had the advantage of dropping more timers, which I’m lead to understand is by far the biggest bottleneck long term. The loss of egg tokens will be a bit painful in the short run, but eggs can be grinded, timers can’t really. Every hundred golds in fort should get a bit over 11k embers, making a second flak a lot more feasable.


@BloodAngl @Morreion Thanks ya’ll. I definitely do not have enough Embers… I’d say I’m about 15k short of being able to comfortably level another flak. I’m already shifting to opening golds in Fort and my bronzes in PvP (‘cause bronzies don’t really drop Embers and IIRC not pearls either so I’ll take a handful of IFs and Energy Packs I guess). :t_rex:


Why do PG spread rider level up shard over the whole branch?
I mean, definitely, gears are useless they too weak. I don’t want to spend my sigils on such useless gears