Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


So you need to spend more :slight_smile:


Ahh, this is where the misunderstanding is. I should have used scaled instead of stack, but even stack is technically correct bc if you add gear, you’re not going to get a 150% boost on that new modified attack number.

Just taking avyx, yes he experiences an increase in attack, but definitely not a scaling factor with gear.

No gear normal attack vs talon 2.21 ratio

Boosted 1.97

With gear (and 10% hunter attack) 1.66

So it went from a 2.21 ratio to a 1.66 ratio and the talon damage only went up 38% for a 74.9% increase in gear and 30% increase in boost. I’ll do chaos later (closer to 150% than talon) but just talking about a dragon you’re familiar with.


Love these hard numbers! Still even in the worst case, those shots go from 1.5m to 2.5m, and that’s just for a few seconds. It still seems to me that even having just that, permanently and not subject to mages is awful strong.

Just “Avyx with a white cloak” would’ve sounded pretty strong to me. Avyx with white cloak and white frenzy sounds scary. Adding a bit of damage to the frenzy even scarier. Add increasing the frenzy duration to “forever” and seems to be over the top.

Very interested to see it with chaos too when you have time!


That didn’t make complete sense to me because I don’t know the gear buffs really well yet. Probably will once I actually have more than 6 or 7 pieces of legendary gear.


Prospero’s cloak speeds him up. His cloak is not even close to Pathox’s cloak. In my opinion, this dragon will not be nearly as good as Pathox, so again, really not sure why people want this dragon nerfed. Especially to players who can’t go for a mythic and would stil like a strong dragon.


But you forgot that Avyx with rune is not 150%, but 180%… which Propero will never get…! So its not really Avyx with white spells xd


Thinking the same as you bro…!


As the other cloak type (vanish, cloak).
My point is, if we can do fine with cloak, we can do better with this spell.


Aib unboosted ungeared vs chaos: 2.61

Boosted 2.30

Geared and boosted 1.9:

30% increase in chaos damage for 68% gear and 30% boosts from unboosted chaos, and only a 19% increase from boosted chaos.

Basically, there’s only so much gear is going to do for pros, and he’s going to have an upper limit on just how impactful gear is. Meanwhile bases are starting to regularly hit 70/70-85/85 gear plus warrior boosts. Again, I’m not saying pros isn’t good, just take things into consideration. There will be a point where chill + taps and passive from pathox’s damage will be greater than pros’s fevered attacks.


Well in a way I’m glad cause I’m getting Pathox anyway :joy:

One thing I didn’t think of is that Pathox’ passive ability does multiply with gear and stats because it alters the damage take by towers, that makes the relatively small percentage on it much stronger than it looks.

Still think he’s a little too good, at least below endgame tiers, but then so was Axi so maybe that’s just the new standard for hunters, and Cuathli just sucked even more than we thought…

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll know in a few weeks if Prospero or Axi is the more annoying one to have as a visitor…


Let’s get the numbers straight first.
Havoc is +150% = 250%
Chaos is +100% = 200%
Avy/Fom is +50% = 150%

Prospero is permanent havoc from first cast if these numbers are right.

Correct me if these are wrong.


Unless I’m terribly forgetful, Chaos is +200% (300% total) and Havoc is +250% (350% total, or more with research).

I think Avyx is +80% with runes, Fomhar is +85%.


None of your numbers matches up with the unboosted run :see_no_evil: I have no idea why the multi is 2.61 (261% or 161% boost) for chaos. I don’t have chaos runes.




That’s probably because things like the various 4% damage boosts in research already bump the base level up a bit.

Edit: off the top of my head I think 161% is exactly what you would expect if the base level has a 24% boost from research. Haven’t checked the research options but it sounds reasonable.


Avyx is +180% with rune… not 80…!

Edit: well, i just looked on wintertide page…it’s writen TF deal 150% dmg plus 50% increase dmg… dont really know what it means… but well…
Does it result in 225% increase? (150% + 50% of the 150%?)

Never been clear but when I hit with TF, am pretty sure it hit 2 to 3 time harder then normal attack


Just added by PG, shows Prospero in action. Somewhat, lol. Thoughts?


Damn, his in-game model is ugly. Looks a little like Primal Groudon. :t_rex:


I actually love it, though it remins me of Iron Man, somehow :smiley:


Ahhh, that’s a lot better. Now I see it :grin:
I love the effect for Adaptive resists. I think that’s just awesome with the circle thingy and the… yeah. Cool. :t_rex: