Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


I thought it was pretty interesting. Having Enshroud is definitely a blink effect, which I don’t mind in the slightest, and the stun was more useful than I thought it was gonna be. I was under the impression you would never use it since the damage boost was good although it appeared like you could make it through that island without the stun and then you leave a tower to gain rage back consume before the next island and repeat. Looks good in my book :smiley: but then again I am learning hunters every day and improving. Would love to see what this Dragon can really do.


Stop whining and wanting prospero to be nerfed lol… you made your choice of going after pathox… :man_shrugging:t2: Lol


Realistically, why WOULDN’T they make a really good dragon to entice people already going for Pathox to spend (more) on? Surely nobody thinks PG will be content with people only spending on one dragon this season…

Not that I think this one is a game breaker, but since I am NOT getting Pathox, I think I will be happy with Prospero.


Sorry for not wanting a legendary to be better than a mythic. :man_facepalming:t2: You have fun with your prOsPero. :kissing_heart:


Hunter attack secondary is ok, not amazing. It’s worth a few elite gear upgrades, if you’ve got a mysterious stash of rune dust squirreled away. There’s also the improved spellset for Pathox. And the largely theoretical legendary harbinger vs. mythic vanguard stats.

I wouldn’t overthink this one. :wink:

Luckily he also has a spell which increases ammo regen. :smiley:


Right now, he’s less of a brain dead POS than Axi is.

It’s been quite a while since Avyx was relevant. The two flak meta is really hard on a dragon like Avyx. Moreoever, regarding differences:

Infinite duration steroid at 2 rage vs. long duration at 1 rage isn’t a very significant change.
Consume has a long cooldown, and there aren’t runes for it. It’s a far weaker health regen mechanism than healing mark. Regarding this:

Enshroud is, again, 4 seconds. Not a lot of time. Cloak’s duration is 12, 15 with the blue research that everyone should have. There are certainly some things you can do better or more easily–if you get rage drained with this, dishonor on your cow, and you probably won’t have to down a can of Red Bull trying to stutter flaks–but there are also limitations.

Avyx can (or could, when he was relevant) zap a lead blue, snipe a second from out of flak range (again, this was back in the single flak meta), and then cloak over the mid long, back-shooting the last two towers on each island. With a 4-second cloak, your ability to bypass is radically decreased.

Hope so. I’m not getting Prospero, but I want everyone who can’t get Pathox to still have something they can be excited about this season.


Considering how last season non festive dragons were, maybe its just a little compensation. So far, all released dragons look good.I just wonder if Somnus is worth the wait. I mean, can a sorcerer with good spellset become a very strong lead like Necryx or Axi? Just wondering.

Let’s wait for Propsero release to see if it is actually overpowered, though from that little preview it didn’t seem like it would one shot towers with SF active, so that’s something. :woman_shrugging:


You’re a man of the people, as would be expected from someone so lawful-good.


I always forget about that part of Consume :sweat_smile: This’ll be really really interesting.

Hell yeah. Sylph and Cav didn’t grab my attention so I was really hoping this hunter and/or the festive would be good; my hope paid off. :t_rex:


Atleast he’s not Zotz. Now that dragon very power; he’s able to wipe out kill islands if you time Syphon Strike right.


So far, all the warrior mythics have been crappy as heck. A legendary hunter that’s stronger than a mythic wouldn’t be a surprise. Necryx is an example.


Whoa, he is definitely pretty one!

So, asking again: was there ever a sorcerer-lead powerful as Necryx or Axi? Is this even doable? Someone said it would need like 3 white spells to be powerful enough and I am wondering what kind of stuff can Somnus bring. Something tells me it might have a summon, like Equestor and Kinnarus. Phantom one, seems to be matching theme and such…


If it’s defended and you don’t wipe out the damage towers (Fire Flaks come to mind because Fire + Dark is a common setup I face with Zotz) he’s dead real quick. Even if you snipe a tower + a red mage on the turn in one hit (something I like to do), Shadow Dispersal doesn’t usually wipe out the rest (storm shield!) and you’re down. Hammer spam, too. He’s not all that.
I still love him, but he is not all that powerful and I would never choose him first over a hunter if it was an important run. :t_rex:


I was talking more Pathox. But my mind has been changed in that Pathox will still be better than Prospero. But I still think Prospero is very unbalanced. But whatever, PG loves unbalance. :man_shrugging: Ya’ll enjoy.


Maybe it depends on skill. Some dragons take skill. I already have syphon strike ready on the turn and then use the two tower knockout spot to knock out the two mages. The second I shoot the spell, I cloak right away. The rest depends on how much rage I can get ready


Wow, I had no idea.
Anyways he’s from last season and I’m not intent on arguing about his flight when this is a thread for Duskfall :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


I don’t think we should base everything on just spells.let’s be honest, most persons suck at flying in this game so even if the drag is good or has potential it can be taken out by a well built/leveled base.

Edit: maybe not easily lol but can be taken out nonetheless


Yeah, let’s save this discussion for another matter then. Good call


I just don’t see a dragon with 250% damage requiring a ton of skill is kinda my point. But I guess we’ll see. I would love to be proved wrong.


It’s 150% to exact


Hi. Could you please explain why Prospero’s line begins with silver chests compared to the other Legendary Dragons of the season which begin with a gold chest? You should keep those things more similar. You already changed the riders and the community hates that. Now assuming we just wanted a cheap gold chest at the beginning of Prospero’s line we are forced to claim silver chests…