Dutch 490+ player from S3 team looking for lower level to grow faster

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Language:English, Dutch

Time Zone:Europe Amsterdam
Played time: about two years
Age Range: old
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Sekhet, Krygant,
Highest Lineage Dragon: mordred is next

About:I need a social team who likes joking around next to serious gaming. 8/8 and quests and helping each other out when needed. I play every day, Atlas, troops glory, swapping, sniping, whatever. I come from a S3 team, which went well, but I am the weakest member with my 490+ I want to grow faster and get aenough sigils for a Mythic next time.

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490 in S3 is fine. I was a 200 getting a mythic dragon each season in s3, so it’s likely more of an activity issue


That was a long time ago … a 490 in S3 will have greater difficulty scoring well in PVPs. Dropping down will certainly help there, but P1 (and lower) are a lot less likely to do 8/8 and 5/5. If he’s on an 8/8, 5/5 team, probably best to stay there.


A 490 nowadays is way closer to endgame than I was at 200.
There’s definitely gonna hopefully be some P2 or P1 teams that fit what they’re looking for though

Thx for the advice, friends. I now am looking at P1 teams with 8/8 and such.

I am on his team, he’s a good team member, contributes, but has had a resource management problem he’s working his way out of.

And our team is now S2, not S3.


Check out TeamMutineers! We are a Platinum 1 team and we usually get 8/8 and 5/5.
If you have any questions, you can send me or any of the officers a message in game.
En dat mag gerust ook in het Nederlands :wink:

Isn’t S3 the new P1 :sunglasses:. In all fairness I have nearly always been the smallest/lowest level player in the team. Never had troubles getting good scores in events, making the team goals etc. if I needed backing for Wildfires or megas, always someone online to join and help me get max points. Would not drop down if I were you.

The other thing is most of the fun is in atlas these days anyway. ThAts my two cents worth

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Thank you for all your friendly advice! Indeed my team at the moment is S2, not S3. I found the opportunity to replace a friend in a S3 team and I am going to try if that works out. As some of you advised to not leave the Sapphire division.
See if it works. This post was really helpful for me, thanks!

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