Each DRAGON with their own music

I know I’m just fantasizing here, but why not. Imagine how GREAT the game experience would be if each Dragon had their own theme or leitmotiv. As it is now, we only hear burning and exploding. Imagine if each dragon had it’s own thematic music and the explosions were in the background.

Anyone who’s played CIVILIZATION knows how the fun is increased as the music changes from peace to war from culture to culture. You’d think it might be expensive, but ask any music/composition student. They would LOVE to get their ideas out there and immortalized in a game.

War Game DRAGONS are visually stunning. Imagine if they were just as auditorily stunning. Gives me goose bumps!!!

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Musical tastes are very different from individual to individual, and while I would love hearing different screech, grunt or roars from the different Dragon classes, having music for each one would be too much in my opinion.

I like your idea of more variety in sounds, including the possibility to remove that irritating destruction sound when you are attacked or log on (which makes me jump or hurt my ears if my sound is barely higher than the minimum) but I’d more gladly accept more dragon sounds than music playing for them which would be weird in a stealthy war attack :sweat_smile:

Game has enough problems as it is now, without adding more useless stuff. Also most high level players play with the game muted. Anytype of music get repetitive after awhile.

adding music to every dragon just adds more space that your device will consume. while it is good, it might be bad for those that have little storage space.

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