Early trading post

Mythic Drakul Pylon for 1850 not too bad but are the egg token deals any good…I’m not on my laptop so I can’t see what I’m typing…if there a post about it already plz reply with the link

Morreion always hooks us up. It’s good practice to look for his threads.


Indeed I was looking…I’m normally on the forums with my laptop…I don’t have a Drakul Pylon but I’ll grab the glyph anyway

Just click the magnifying glass on the mobile version and type in “trading post” and search by Latest Post. :white_check_mark:


Or just check out Neon’s main page since he posts links to all the trading posts and season line breakdowns on there


Ducks where is the forum post on Drak towers , whether they are crap or not for the current dragon tiers. I searched and really only found older stuff which was50/50. With the neeer tiers are they a viable tower still?

Pylon is a great tower. It often kills dragons on my base. Its a nice add to an island with lightnings.

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Do I look like the forum tour guide? Because if so I want an official hat and vest

Pylons are solid towers, one of the only two viable beam towers that we have and their ss can be strong when combined with the right towers and timing.


Perhaps this is the old post you’re looking for:


You mean you don’t already have the job. I was following you around with that dicky flag you were carrying. Damn no wonder I was lost and going in circles!

Ya stalker :joy:
Im also sending you a bill, there arent any free tours here :triumph:

Do you accept black pearls or health potions for payment?

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