Earn badges directly from battles, open badge chests with diamonds only

EDIT: thread morphed, so I morphed the title to match

Well, since support told me so, here goes…


It’s a nice thought and all, but if it happens it’s gonna work like the portraits in the season lines, where they just redistribute costs.

So the minimum drop will be “legendary,” but the average drop amount will be decreased to compensate.


If that is the case, at least get rid of the “claim bonus” thingy altogether and increase average drop rates ever so slightly.

What change does it make? :woman_shrugging:

I want an “open 30 chests + bonus chest” button to go below the “open 10” button :eyes:

That would be a good QOL improvement.


Eliminates a (nearly) worthless tap from the UI.

Edit: I like that “open 30+bonus” idea. :+1:

I’d second that, but might as well just go all the way to “open all”. Last major battle, had to open almost 2600 chests, 10 at a time. Took longer to open the chests with all of the sync errors than it did to have the battle that earned them


The true cost of maxing the season :joy:

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You’d rather want “open all + bonuses”, which is a bit more complicated case. And there is no way they could display thousands of chest content squares on your display in any meaningful way, so they would have to make bigger changes to the UI than just adding a button.

I am inclined to think that “open 30 +bonus” would be much quicker and easier to implement, and a nice step in the right direction.

30+bonus… “Not great, not terrible.” :hugs:

And to get back to the topic somewhat… could you please add “open 30+bonus” button and make the bonus a guaranteed legendary without decreasing the drop rates of the regular 30?

No, I’d want to open them all and not even see anything on the display. Just give me a total and move on. Honestly the entire earn glory to get chests to open chests to get sigils to claim prizes is a stupid time waster. Just do a straight glory to prize conversion and get rid of the entire sigil chest thing. I’d rather play the game than waste time opening chests earned from playing the game which takes away a lot of time from oh say…playing the game.


Given the quantity of atlas chest drops, rng doesnt matter for it at all. Plus theyre not season-transferrable. I see no downside to an open all button that then pops out a “you received xx badges. Click to claim” notification.

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I presume we can agree on these points:

  1. Opening chests just 10 at a time can get very tedious and time-consuming - especially with atlas badge chests
  2. Opening bonus chests adds even more taps and waiting time but provides only a rather insignificant benefit - especially with badge chests
  3. Atlas bonus chests being no different from regular “open 1” chests adds insult to injury
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EDIT: I see i was just parroting what Fuffy said :point_up:, with some specifics thrown in for good measure. Oh well…

Anyway, this thread morphed right quick, but I like the direction it is going. Since badge chests are really the worst offender, here’s yet another proposal:

Remove badge chests from the treasury, plain and simple. Instead, accumulate badges directly. In addition to earned glory, you would be shown how many badges (not badge chests) you earned in victory screen, after each attack.

If you get attacked, the notification will display something like “you earned x glory and y badges” etc etc.

The Prizes tab already shows how many badges you have and how much you need when you try to claim a prize, so it could remain as is.

Is that what we would like to see? I know I would, now that I’ve actually started to think about it a bit more thoroughly. Anyway, if this thread is headed in that direction, I guess I should edit the title…

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Forgot (at least) one thing… how should purchasing badges with diamonds be arranged if we remove badge chests? :thinking:
Leave badge chests in the treasury after all, but you can only open them using diamonds?

I suppose that would make some sense, since you would no longer earn badge chests from battles, just badges.

Hmm. I like the idea. Maybe with diamonds, you could just purchase badges directly, instead of badge chests?

That way instead of an average of - what is it, something like 100 badges/chest? I forget - you could just buy 100 badges for X diamonds. It’d save all the chest-opening hassle.

Then you could even buy badges en masse with diamonds, if you were so inclined - e.g. Person needs 22350 badges, so they put ‘22350’ in the box, and it says ‘That will cost Y diamonds. Confirm?’

Lots of ideas here! :+1:
I am curious to see what PG response - if any - will be.

I like all these ideas. I think at the very least we need an ”open 100” button.


This would be a really great improvement. I don’t see why I should have to spend half an hour after an extended atlas battle just to open chests to “receive” what I’ve actually earned

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