Earning glory with attacking the primarchs on a castle

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I personally thought, i solved how can i get the optimum amount of glory during my attacks in atlas. In my math it’s all about the values (attack power of the attacking primarch and defense power of the defender). Also i know there are some infrastructures of the castles giving an amount of extra points to the primarchs on that castle but this can also be taken into consideration about those values.
So basically if your attack power and defender’s defense power is equal you kill the 2x more amount of troops of the defender (max 7.5 to 15k). The problem is when i attack a person at some castles i don’t get the glory i expected before.

Question 1: is there any thing in a castle that prevents to lose some of your troops after an attack? If yes how can we take it into calculation?
Question 2: Is there any effect of the primarch stage, like if my bronze 2 sieger has the same attack power with the opponent’s silver 1 destroyer defense power, am i gonna fail to kill the amount of troops i expected?

Thanks for all help

Several factors influence troop losses on a castle :

The primarch tier (bronze/silver) has no impact except for the rating

Also maybe you will be interested in this tool which has been developed to calculate glory :

Number of troops lost also depends on how many dragons you have used, and % of the destroyed base. 1:2 is for 1 dragon, killing 99% or 100%.

There is also depenency on how many troops was on your prim and on enemy. If the difference is more than twice or more, the side with more troops lose less. Worst case if number of troops is different in 4 times and more, as I remenber.

That was about troops lost. Glory gained also depends on your and enemy’s level, and the rate of your clans compared to each other.

Thank you just another quick question: do we see the bonuses given by the fort on the player sitting on that castle. For example i check the primarch tab and a primarch has 260 defense. Is that value with the bonus of the fort of that castle or it’s the pure defense and we need to add the bonus ourselves?

That’s the final value including season boost and castle bonus. You can test it on your own primarch by moving from your castle to a safe zone.


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