Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


Hey All!

Please keep your discussions to the Earth Flak Tower here.

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The Final Flak Tower - Harnessing the power of the Earth!

any change on elemental shards amount or drops ?


This is ridiculous. You have put the hp buff from Ice Turrets and the invincibility from a storm tower into the same supershot. With a geared base this buff is insane.


Typo :crazy_face: :t_rex:


Still need to see the exact stats compared to Ice turret and storm tower before I can really determine whether it’s a valid replacement

Edit: I’m Informed the HP boost is better than Ice turret shield. Waiting to see how comparison fairs against research boosted storm


So what is the actual range of its normal attack? Comparable to other flaks is pretty vague. Ice flak has longest range in game, dark flak has shortest. Does this mean it’s the same range as fire and electro flak?


I like it. Please give more elemental embers. :smiley:


Great another elemental tower that takes embers.

What needs to happen is change fire/ice turret shards into elemental embers and make both of them levelable with embers. They are all elemental towers but a lot of players can’t get enough embers to level all these freaking flaks that y’all are releasing. Since you are making the flaks much better than ice/fire turrets, very few players are leveling up either and the shards are just wasted. Fire/ice turrets both are basically irrelevant for most players. This is a change that has been needed for a very long time.


PG any word on the huge shortage of elemental embers? We need an answer stop ignoring


They don’t care about any issue. Only if you have an issue to buy they will do their best to fix it. Any other issue is irrelevant to them.

They don’t bother to answer a thread with 2k posts. They don’t answer in any threads. They only talk to announce a new thing to sell


They want your money!!! Haha that’s why breeding so much


Why don’t you guys change one of the lumber mills into elemental mills where we can choose what kind of materials we get from it? Since you guys keep on making all these towers that uses lumber only every other level. And you keep making the other materials so hard to get.


And its official. All old towers we have spent thousands on are obsolete.


I still use archer on my kill island… not touching it since by the time I get to any level that the results are worth investing in the change, the towers and dragons will have changed enough to make what happens today irrelevant.

Making changes cost prohibitive are a great way to entice players to making no changes at all, even when it would be much more fun to adapt and change and try new things out as they are released.

Earth Flak - The last elemental tower

Hard pass for me with 4 flaks I just can’t support another 1 plus just no room for it on a short base.


So aside from all the other issues that have been discussed in great detail on the pre-existing thread on this topic (making other towers useless, increasing need for embers without increasing supply, etc.):

  • What sort of “developer promotion” are we talking about that would justify releasing the earth flak at this time?

  • Why could such a promotion not be rescheduled for a time that would make more sense?

  • What, if any benefits do the players get from said promotion - or was this simply to “promote” your developers’ skills to one group or another?


This is getting truly ridiculous. I keep having to build new towers to my base and screw my leveling so I’m never at max tower for my level. I have several literally useless towers. And now there are what, 5 towers all possible to build with the same RIDICULOUSLY scarce resource, whilst my fire and ice shards sit around collecting dust.

Again PG would you stop constantly creating new crap no one asked for and just balance current problems first? Shiny new crap doesn’t make the old crap go away.


The answer to all your question is : :heavy_dollar_sign:


no need for that.
neeeeed for ember.
why didnt u lose a single word about the lack of ember?


But… But… Mages???

Surely rage drain/regen block are still valuable.