Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


Just tested it and yes you can double shield.


lol as i suspected. they better fix that fast.


Thanks for the preview @BadcIap



Good thing PVP isn’t this week.


Thanks for the update, everyone. I’ve reached out to our developers for investigation.




I dont get how this wasn’t tested. It was the first thing i thought of when it was announced! This isn’t the first time this same problem occured in this game either. Storms use to do that too.


Guess GPF didn’t get to play around with it either…


I’m sure it was tested. I’m asking devs for more information as to why it’s not functioning properly. We’ll get back to you when I have more information!


Probably the devs forgot that storm uses different definition of range, since it’s specifically mentioned for flaks.
Seems the problem with Flak’s range as well.
Thanks @MikeH8sDisGame


but in the image BOTH are shielded. Making it so they can’t be on the same island was the easy fix, but they clearly dont know the game well enough to consider long islands.


Since when do things work properly? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think it needs more test by experienced players prior to release. GPF or so

I mean the players should know more possible case than devs.


This was mentioned by myself and others in that other earth flak post prior to the official one.




This isn’t attainable unless that dragon is at that position and then both are armed. Storm and SF have a different activation point.


In slow motion…

Both shields last for three seconds. Interesting that the storm has a slightly longer activation range. So, the storm still has that benefit.


I really love this new flak :slight_smile:


Apologies for the confusion here, everyone. The Earth Flak and Storm Tower can’t be placed on the same island, but if they’re lined up next to one another in such a way, their boosts can take affect on the same nearby towers. This is intentional.


Maybe an Elemental mine is needed?