Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


What is likely NOT intentional but can be seen in my screen shots (and others’) is that the storm shields the earth flak and the earth flak shields the storm.

This will make killing them “difficult” as long as super shots are left.


Two storm towers can’t shield each other so I agree, this sounds unintended.


You realise how stupid it is that this is intentional, right?


No this will lead to the result that you can bench warriors and sorcerers now if you’re attacking such bases defended.

Like when storms protected each other in 2015 before the support agents had nothing to do than react on complains about that all day long…


You don’t have them benched already?

Preparing for a feeding?




Those poor ppl who wanted to breed oni this event :rofl::joy:


I won’t lie, I like the supershot power of the new Earth Flak, but like everyone is bitching about, it will create more of an Elemental shortage for everyone. Pg could you turn that worthless water shrine into an Elemental mine, we could either upgrade it like a Lumber mill does or have a significant Elemental Ember reward like 1k Embers after so many successful defends of your base. @PGCrisis please pass this idea on to developers :grin::+1:t3:


Death of the micro base…


Storm and earth shielding each other sounds a little busted in my opinion. Just one damaging tower and it’s going to be virtually impossible to beat without disables.


Not really. If there’s a storm tower on an island, you’re going to go for it first or else your doing no damage at all with a warrior. So if you go kill the storm flak first, what is the back storm shielding?


Just curious, won’t you have to kill the storm on the back island first before hitting anything on the front island?

Edit for clarity.


You can’t if the damn Earth Flak is shielding it. :t_rex:


Yah, sorry that was the inferred part. I definitely need to be much clearer.


The uh… the what? :t_rex:


Can’t call it EF cause that’s for Electro Flak. They should have left that one as “Wind Flak”, now are acronyms are all screwed up.


It’s too late now and the devs can’t fix it, so…uh…yeah… it’s intentional! :grin:


The storm will launch its shield before the flak does.


You could call it a DF for Dirt Flak (or DumbF**k).


But that’s the abbreviation for Dark Flak. :t_rex: