Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


I am not a fan of alliteration… elite gear and epic gear, you see issues all the time.


DF = Dark Flak


SF=storm flak


SF works. Lol. I like storm flak.


yup, getting them to both trigger in a real run, within the right window, would be difficult.


You can still kill SF before storm shield activates.


Can you show us? A Max Level base with two Defenders. :slight_smile:


In a defended scenario a warrior won’t kill anything with hammers. We both know that. Wait for wars and you will see it yourself.


Oh that makes more sense ok… I thought you were talking about a sixth Flak and was like :eyes: :t_rex:


Soooo…I really am not sure if this is really intended or not🤔


Maybe the devs that worked on the original storm issue aren’t around any more…


So, you’re saying that since, if you’re really fast, you can stop this from happening, it is intentional?


Yeah it’s easy to do while you’re being pounded by the other 4 flaks on the island.


If it was tested it was tested really badly


If it does guard any storm tower, or any storm tower guards it - this is game over. You won’t be able to fly any big bases unless your dragon is 100x overpowered

Guessing the GPF didn’t see this either…


Also, how does this stack in the priorities for spell flux?


GPF sees many things that PG may or may not act on.

Whatever the case here it is not the GPF to blame.

Looking at video of my own, it takes about three seconds for the storm to start shielding the flak after the dragon turns. Takes just a smidgen longer for the flak to start shielding. So you have about 3.2 seconds to kill or disable one or both of the shielding towers after making the turn.


Oh don’t get me wrong, not naming the gpf!

Just could almost bet they haven’t seen it, because that’s a trend recently :upside_down_face:


Next tower: Flakity Flak

… don’t talk back



It’s not on the list. :eyes:


Might want someone to look at this.