Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


If your warrior can’t kill a single tower in 3 seconds, I can tell you your war run is not going to go well.


Lol 3 seconds are an eternity. Middle island gone for sure :smiley::+1:t4:


Plenty of time to drop an HP boost as well as two hammers (if two defenders).


Say it isn’t so



lol pg your crazy…
how can that be intentionaly?


The question here is… Do you need a storm and earth flak to make this happen? Or could you have 2 earth flak on that long island, and have them shield each other? So same setup, but substitute that storm for another earth flak.

I guess the advantage to having storm towers is, as I imagine now, you can put 2 storm towers to protect that front DF, and use a earth flak on the back half of the long island to protect the 2 storm towers… have to kill 2 towers before you can kill that DF, instead of just one.

Maybe next season’s mythic will have a spell that can kill towers that are invincible? :thinking:


No they are the lucky ones… my Oni is 3 levels from capped… :joy:


So you just have all invincible towers? And earth and storm are protecting each other so can’t kill them either? You have got to be kidding me if that is accurate. I really hope I’m misunderstanding.


All part of the plan.

Some were concerned that dragons were OP.

Now, that shouldn’t be a problem.


@PGCrisis Who exactly intended this? And does that same person actually play the game? Was this run by the GPF? And more importantly did a single one of them thing it was a good idea? Upon further reflection is the plan to keep this as an intended feature? I’m just trying to figure out if I should even bother to complete Pathox or if I should just send my leadership my resignation letter now?


I’m sorry, Mike. I’m afraid I can’t answer that.


Lol ya but I figured you would want to comment.


If you resign, then I’ll really have no one to talk to. Except panda. And he’s been extra salty lately.


Panda is always salty. Salted Panda I’ll call him… Sounds kinda yummy actually. Not that I would eat panda… :thinking:


Like salted pork.



See what I mean… :yum:


While both the ST and EF’s supershots can take affect on the same nearby towers, they cannot take affect on each other. Some more context from @PGLawson:

The Storm Tower and Earth Flak supershots cannot shield each other, just as Storm Tower supershots cannot shield other Storm Towers. Killing the tower that’s providing the shield also removes the shield for all affected towers.

Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

They can.

Look at the shots I posted earlier.


It is clear that they can from the screenshots above. Earlier it was posted that this was intentional, unless we all misread. What’s going on? :t_rex:


Hello PG, players need more elemental embers since you’re pushing out another flak. You’ve got the supply and demand so tight it stressing out players (customers). Eventually it may turn many of us away and look for another game that doesn’t act like a money “Cookie Monster”. The Earth Flak looks awesome, by the way.