Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


Here are two more.

Storm first…

And Earth flak

Notice that both shielding towers are shielded.


Shields galore!


Shields galore, indeed! It sounds like this is unintentional, then. My first comment:

Is in relation to the boosts on nearby towers, and NOT the boosts on each other. I am asking @PGMichael and @PGLawson for more information.

Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Well, I know everyone is worried about invincible towers.


You have 3.2 seconds after finishing that turn to kill or disable either tower and prevent the shield loop. So, it’s not as broken as some fear.

It adds a degree of strategy to both the placement of the towers and to the kill order.


Can we test that with a maxed earth flak and oni or a lv 70 earth flak and jotun? And double defenders? :smiley:

I like theory and figures but I flew all classes in extremo for over 3 years and 3.2sec is simply nothing.

It adds strategy. Yep making bases not beatable by the average flier. If THAT was the intention, I’m fine with it I guess :man_shrugging:t2:


Well, you have a test server to play with.

Try it. And tell us. :slight_smile:


I have never seen PG back peddle so fast… an act of legitimate good will? Or act of desperation I wonder.


Okay. It seems I was given misinformation, and for that I apologize. Per @PGLawson:

On the long islands, if a Storm Tower and Earth Flak Tower are placed on the back of the front island and the front of the back island respectively, each tower can shield each other. The ability to shield one another is intentional.

Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

That ability is idiotic and PG should fix that immediately. Bad form @PGLawson! Bad form!


Remember when you said it was unintentional? Most of us sighed in relief.


Thanks for being the super sleuth for us!


There are things that I don’t need to test. It’s like someone says put your hand in the fire and let us know if it’s hot… lol

Plus one hit of a dark flak is enough to make your 3.2sec irrelevant. Flame off.

It’s 6/100 hunters or nothing in a good defended scenario.

Plus the earth flak will shield all surrounding towers and adds extra hp. Plus one shield (defense item) and good bye.

Balance… yeah right :joy:


image image

  1. Thank you for the communication.
  2. Don’t like that. Don’t like that at all. :t_rex:


I was trying to be positive. I’ll stop now.


It’s days like this that PG make Harry and Loid look brilliant


Hey Everyone,

Thank you for being patient with us. I understand the messaging around this has been very confusing. Considering that the messaging was confusing and the current implementation is alarming, I don’t think it is constructive for us to throw insults. We’re here to listen, take feedback and make changes based on the feedback given to us. We are ready to make changes to make it so that the towers do not shield each other but I do want confirmation from the Game Play Faction and players on the forum that this is the change everyone wants.

Please be patient with us and your fellow players to allow some time for feedback to come in before a full determination is made. We will try to have a decision by tomorrow and a change if needed out with our 4.90 release next week.

Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Bad design


This is the change most everyone wants, judging by the utterly horrified reaction to discovering that the towers shielded each other. The towers should ABSOLUTELY NOT shield each other.

There’s a reason that storm towers can’t shield each other, and that was figured out years ago! The same principle applies here!


PLEASE!! Tell me something is going to be done about the ember shortage! All of these flak towers and no embers! I only have 3 flaks atm and theyre stuck at level 43 because ive run out of embers. With how rare they are, ill never upgrade the few i have much less build more. Please change fire/ice shards to embers, use embers for all elemental towers, and then increase ember drops. What happened is we used to only have totems that used embers and there were so many in drops that people complained. So, they slowed ember drops to almost nothing and then came out with a pile of new towers that needed them. I really hope theyre planning a fix. :man_facepalming:


Maybe you should have requested feedback from the GPF before introducing this, instead of after?