Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


I like the double shield


Mike I like you, now that is how you communicate with the players!


You got to let it go. Why would they possibly want to do something about that? The whole point of embers is to make people spend to get them. It’s working!


Here’s the general question you should be asking. Why do you not allow storm towers to shield each other?


Fuck that. They’re not getting any of my money. I’m keeping my 2 flaks that I can keep maxed and I say GOOD DAY!! GOOD DAY SIR! GOOD DAY.


Haha I’m right with you there!


Make them shield each other! After all wasn’t the most recent complaint that level 75s did nothing? :man_shrugging:


For the love of god get rid of the double shield.

No one but the best players in the game will be able to fly anything. While I enjoy my base basically being unbeatable, I don’t like having to struggle on a base bc of a poorly thought out mechanic.


Appreciate your method of communication. However, if you need confirmation you could see the first 300ish replies.

That being said, since there is a kill window let’s do what was done with the new cadence. Test it. But PLEASE STOP RELEASING STUFF THE GPF HASN’T TESTED.


No no, you just need one of the few hunters for attack part 1 then you can back up and finish the base after they’re locked down :joy::rofl:. I agree this is bad.


Doesn’t this contradicts with OP?


Yes, but what did you expect them to say? Something correct? Invincible long islands, that’s one way to ensure a few packs being bought :clap::clap::clap: smfh these people are disgusting


That is interesting should be interesting to test


Been tested


Oh fuggin goody… 10 completely invincible towers on a long island… Yass… Win! Hey… Here is an idea…Fix the myriad issues and glitches in the game instead of releasing more issues and glitches… Just a thought…


There will never be a change everyone wants. I imagine the most vociferous complainers have invested a great deal in short bases. While I don’t know that this is the solution, I like the idea of something that makes the longer islands more relevant. The more I level up, the more I run into bases built around a single short kill island. Kinda boring.


I totally understand where everyone is coming from. We will look into removing the “shielding each other” behavior. We may not have reached consensus but the tower was vetted and tested by players. The intent was to give players who bought the tower the most value as possible while keeping the game balanced. It seems that we underestimated the value and in return caused issues with balance. Once again, we apologize and will try to solve it for 4.90. We’ll work to make this right with everyone so please stay positive and be patient as we work through it. Thanks

Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

So, can you honestly say, that no one from gif brought this up, during their testing of the new towers ?


Please explain why the elektro flak, which was advertised as buffing all elemental flak attacks, has no impact on the earth elemental flak attack.


I suppose it comes down to skill.

We did discuss this but there was no consensus - some felt this is positive

A) its only useable in 3 places :1-2; 4-5; 7-8 and it adds a use for a long base (currently 7-8 is a walkover);

B) its not very hard to kill the earthflak or disable it before the storm on 4 can shield it - this is seen often as vs bases with a storm on 4 trying to shield a flak on back of 5

C> Liked the idea that the same dragon isnt the correct lead for every base, but that you had to actually look at the base and pick a dragon based on the bases weakness

The others felt this was a negative

  • they felt its way too much to expect players to want to learn to fly properly and to actually strat out a base before trying
  • they felt you should be able to kill bases defended flying with your left nipple while sipping coffee and watching late night tv, just randomly hitting whatever is in front of you.

Guess which one i was in