Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


I know which group you were in :slight_smile:

My point here was that they say, they needed the feedback from gpf and forums, before they can make a decision. They got the input from gpf, and now they still want to change it, because forum is screaming ? … One of the main reason for the all time low player satisfaction atm, is that they keep changing things.


If certain gpf members wanted this then I feel comfortable saying it won’t be apocalyptic at least lol. It really wasn’t clear before what sort of discussion (if any) had taken place


you preferred right nipple??:thinking:

I like your points and I agree.


I haven’t done that challenge yet. :thinking: Maybe I’ll try later…

For the record:

This wasn’t a joke. I mean it.


While I agree with this statement and the rest of your post I feel that it may not be healthy when a major mechanic can only be strategically circumnavigated but a very very low percentage of players. I have no idea if that would have been true here or not. I could see it going either way depending on the exact parameters.

I will say that I think PG dropped the ball on communication again. Big time. If the intention was to allow this to happen they should have said so. In a game riddled with bugs that can be exploited and are bannable to intentionally exploit, it seems poor to let players guess/probe these kinds of mechanics and hope they are intended.

I kind of wish I had been up against a base with this setup to play with it some. It might be a fun mechanic that everyone could play with.


Its simple to emulate

Put a storm on front of 4, put a big flak on back of 5, kill the flak or disable it without killing the storm first (its fine to disable the storm)

Would you like to say why you think only a very very low percentage can beat it?


Is this tested for low and mid level as well?

I mean I don’t really know how the battle up there. However, down here, many players aren’t used to hunter.
I don’t think using such mechanic where only advanced hunter flier can perform isn’t really good (I mean for average level, not hitting above).


Id be super suprised if ppl under lvl 200 have a high level earth flak, and a high lvl storm and a high level other flak , all together on a non micro base AND would like to claim it breaks the game for them

Does it add the option that there is now more than 1 meta build for anyone under 300ish? Possibly but thats a plus

Remember this only works for the interaction of island 1-2; island 4-5 and island 7-8.


I didn’t say I think only a low percentage could. I said I’d be concerned if only a low percentage could.

All I know is I find it hard enough to defeat IF + FF + DF. Obviously if you have an EF, you need to replace a tower, but I can only imagine having another layer to defeat in sub-second timing.


IIRC, @mechengg 's base layout for mid level moves kill island to island 5.
I mean they can add one storm and one flak (high and low, the bigger is in front).
Also, I don’t think warrior and sorcerer’s attack can reach it before the shield is activated.


Hunters these days have white cloak, just wait out the shields :slight_smile:


But its no different than having a storm at the moment? The radius is the same


Yes but thats only effective around lvl 300 these days due to perches, which dragon tier wise means they have decent dragons and at least a handful of lead dragons.

As for a low lvl storm at the back (1) just kill it or (2) disable the front one

Certainly there is an argument to be made that using a specific dragon to lead on this base setup might not be best, but thats similar to say saying that its not the best idea in the world to use eg a blinking dragon on an setup with multiple blues. It can be done but there are more ideal leads.

Can “dragon x” struggle vs this? For sure, but (a) it probably wont make it past island 6 on most bases where this would be an issue or (b) would struggle equally or more on a base with a different setup

Which is the point - not trying to force a square peg through a round hole


What is the duration of its supershot? Shorter or same as storm?


Same length


I’m enjoying that this weeks gold chests have ice and fire shards in them but no embers. Despite the fact they’ve brought in a new flak


I don’t recall breed dropping embers but agree with the release being off. Releasing new content with their non-corresponding events is in


I have tested this, and as I said earlier, you have 3.2 seconds after completing the turn before the storm tower starts to shield, and the storm starts before the flak.


That seems long time… storm shield seems pretty much instantaneous when i am defending or attacking. Or is this delay because of the interaction between the storm and flak?


The storm has to be on the front of 4 to maximize the interplay. This delays the trigger. The flak has a shorter activation range, so even though it is on the back of 5, it will trigger after the storm does.

People should try it. It is not as game-breaking as some are suggesting.