Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


Also possible that the delay is an Android feature. So, maybe on iPhone it doesn’t give you as much time.


Nothing but Hunter then. Anything else, and the dragon will be dead.
Is it safe to assume that if the hunter shoots right after completing the turn, it’s approx. 1s between shoot (release) and hit (projectile hit building)?


It’s less than that for a shot to travel. You can shoot either one. The potential problem is only if both live long enough to shield and be shielded. Disabling works too. They don’t have to be killed instantly.

It is a skill wall, of sorts. But do we have an issue with having something that just getting a bigger hammer doesn’t solve?


Not sure in higher level (just looking at some videos)
In low to mid level, buildings usually get destroyed pretty fast. Furthermore, tower level is usually lower than farms.

With these invulnerability problem, warriors and sorcerers pretty much have much less chance in destroying such base (due to longer invulnerability delay). As a result, the only surviving warriors and sorcerers most likely is the one using white disable / one-hit spell


I can’t argue with that. I didn’t have embers to build a full level flak. But all my other flaks are capped… So, I had to use a pretty strong dragon. The storm was capped, so I killed that one in my tests. It didn’t seem super hard, but I think it is probably harder than what many are used to.

Maybe we can try it and see?

Although, given the other thread, I’m inclined to say it doesn’t matter. I mean, what good is a phone call, if you cannot speak?


I’m absolutely baffled by this. Why would PG allow this? If you’re going to allow them to stack in this manner then you should enable Storms being about to protect one another again too!! I’d rather spend wood for an invincible base then elemental embers that are one of the rarest items in the game.

Cmon, this is a complete and utter joke…


Tbh, it makes sense that there are premium flaks and that they should be better than the rest. So DF for trebuchet, FF maybe ballista, IF cannon, ElF on his own and EarthF for storm and IceT. It makes sense, absolutely, no matter if all have the same non creative basis, flaks.

But, apart from other games in here you have 36 places for towers (40 minus the farms), which strategically combine into 8 groups. For that amount of locations I would say a E2P should have enough embers to max at least 1 flak per 5 which is the most common setup. Players who spend money could multiply that number.

Come on, there must exist a grey area. This is not Shakespeare material


So you were planning to lead with …?

Im struggling to see an argument for say leading a base with Kerbos or Girasol vs the earth storm setup is suddenly going to do worse than without that setup.

Dragons are either leads or they arent. Im yet to find an dragon that now suddenly becomes a bad lead because of this where another tower combo wouldnt have been as effective

Hunters that can still lead effectively for their respective tiers vs earth 5 storm 4

Any sand dragon (sekhem hau necryx itzani)
Any vines dragon (noctua)
Any entrap dragon (fohmar, redrian)
stun/freeze dragon (eg axi)

One of the strongest lead sorc dragons Jor still does just fine vs this setup, if not better due to lowered dps outputs

Im still not sure what “viable” current lead dragon is now suddenly no longer viable?


I see it as a calculated risk. Your overall damage potential is lower, but if the pilot is unskilled or doesn’t look at the base, you have a chance to have a less than 5 flame result -if there is at least one active defender.

Undefended, this will almost certainly never matter.

As I said earlier, I doubt this is the game breaker many seem to fear. I think it makes no difference to players below about level 300. How many of you who are sub-300 have the embers and timers to whip up a brand new fully leveled flak?


I need white freeze spell that ignore any kind of shield


If only we had such a spell…


white cloak is real, white freeze is real, white invincible shield is real
ultimate freeze death stare rage heal ignore tower’s shield will be too. I just want to make a statement so I have something to reference later on


Kelvin Flux.


that spell doesnt has freeze effect


Why freeze anything when you have already killed it?


to avoid the damage/rage drain ofcourse




Nuff said


So… What you’re saying is that this setup requires you to kill a certain tower within the first 3.2 seconds of hitting a long island (if defending), or somehow surviving through the chain shielding of pretty much every tower on said island. This obviously makes Storm Flak insanely valuable, and everyone will build one next Fortification.

And then… Once everyone has one, you’re already ready with the nerf that neuters it.

Money grab 101, folks.


Pretty much -

And what it’s gonna end up being:

Is all original towers are obsolete now.
And all “good” defensive towers (aka FLAKS, aka money) will be necessary.


You misunderstand me.

“Kelvin Flux” is an historical reference.