Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


This was pretty much the case without the flak…

If you couldnt kill a certain tower within 3.5 seconds of facing a long you were dead anyways… that tower has always been the storm if present or blue mage etc.


Everyone needs to remember that only one of these must be killed. And that’s actually a lot of time.

I go back to… Why not try it and see?

As for the “everyone will build one” fears. You mean like everyone built an ice flak the following Fort? Or everyone built an electro flak right away?

We have different definitions of “everyone.”


I agree. If the GPF tested it, which is sounds like they have, and with what’s been pointed here I would like to give it a try. We can rabble later if it’s a game breaking thing.


you only have 3.5 seconds if you can manage to kill/disable/avoid the dark flak first. otherwise you have .3 seconds. Still possible? Yes for sure it is, not easy but many can do it. But lets face it is an “I win” base set up except against a small percentage of fliers, when using a small percentage of the dragons. Im not arguing against rewarding the good fliers, but this towers makes it so only truely top notch fliers will do any damage at all.

Whatever i get that PG wants their money so they wanted it to be extremely valuable. i guess im not surprised.

But then maybe i am wrong. I never thought i would see white death gaze, white cloak or white invincibility yet… i guess we need to kill those dragons somehow.


I trust Lutrus and Gox on their reviews of how this works and whether it’s game breaking so I’m willing to give it a try. I won’t be getting one of these any time soon so I don’t care much about that side of things. Even putting what $$$s I have into this game I STILL don’t have enough embers for 4 fully maxed flaks, let alone 5.


this adds a reason for me keep upgrading storm.
Can you make the glitch where the shield is activated and never turning off so I can have entire island cover in invincible shield for whole battle?


For that matter who (below 300) wants to try to extend their kill island, move runes/glyphs, etc? I can afford it…but a player dumb enough to get caught with this will also die on my kill island.


At least make embers available in every event.
Eg. Right now during breeding legendary drops consist of 1000 fire or ice shards. Eliminate those and put the 1500 ember draw in its place.
Even at lower levels people realize the decreased value of shards. if you were to decrease their availability and replace them in ‘non-fort’ events it would bring better balance to giving players a resource that is now even more necessary.
Also would have really like to have known about this before I dropped 70k embers in a fort event, to have a new tower released two days later.


Hardly. If it took 4 seconds, that first tower would still die. Your dragon might die too, but you’d have the storm down.

Now, you’ve got a full set of towers that have probably been spam hammered back to full.


But, because hammers are broken, even when working as designed, spam hammer can always win.


I tested it with a lot of the current dragons

Having the setup of earthflak on back of 5 and storm
Back of 4 led to a bigger percentage of the base being killed by eg oni and Jor

Put otherwise - both oni and jor do better if you try double up on shielding towers

(Im ignoring the hunters since it made no difference)

It also did worse than putting a fireflak at front of 4 instead of the storm

Truth is storm and earthflak do pitiful dmg and you seriously drop the power of long with that many low/no dps slots


what did the earth flak replace? or the storm… just curious what was better before you added the earth flak.

and was your test against someone defending SS the two shields specifically?


@PGMichael give it a try. Leave it as it is.

We saw how terrible inefficient ice flaks were after introduction and how valuable they are now.

At the end of the day I agree, most micro base owners won’t suddenly change their efficient bases from 3 to 4 and 5 and the said combination will be most likely to be found on end game bases where teams war these in core and atlas and have (I) the dragons and (II) the skills to defeat that.

If it turns out to be overpowered it can be scaled from there.

This tower will hurt most anyways who have to spend to get it at a useful level.


The setup i tested was darkflak fireflak/iceflak 2 mages earthflak for 5

And then iceflak storm front of 4

For the “double up” version, if thats what you are asking (sorry i might be misunderstanding)

You were better off vs the warriors with a fireflak instead of the storm on 4

Made no difference vs jorm (lighting worked better)

In all cases it was better to not have the shielding tower per se on 5 - it seems to mostly be useful in underdog scenarios


No they wont. i wont anyways… i may try to use one with a storm to protect my farms though. may help macro bases there. i have an extra 60 storm back there now anyways. I have given up these days anyways, i may as well experiment lol


Quite an oof


Can it though? how many Refunds will apple be doing if they did…


I think refunds for the towers are a minimal concern at the moment.

I know I would not be worked up about this little thing.


I for one wont be building one anytime soon

Is it a bad tower? Certainly not

But im >500 ; i have my storms already, and I definitely wont be building another at nearly 1400 days and hundred and something thousand embers just because.

If i had the days I would be much better served maxing other towers or getting an additional fireflak or iceflak.

If I was 400? Maybe. Id almost certainly have to have 2 ice flaks 2 fireflaks and a darkflak maxed before Id consider it, which is extremely tight with 75s

(10 x 70s will drop you mid 340 already)


I’m in the 240s, it usually takes me 2 forts to build a flak from scratch to max (45 for me). I have enough rubies and chests I could probably do it, but will probably wait 'til next season to try it out - if the the double shield is still there. Certainly won’t do it as long as there is a chance it will be nerfed.