Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread


I didn’t mean to suggest that people could not, but that most would not. And Ofc, the lower your level the more easily you can max it for you since the cost is so heavily weighted to the end.

To build on what Gox said, HP is rarely a factor except at the very high end. For most players, losing the damage for a relatively weak tower is just not worth it. Also, this double shield is impossible on a micro setup, and a 70+ mid long base is going to be in the 340+ range anyway.


Yeah it might well be fine. Actually sounds like it is. Personally I would not choose to change it yet. Knee-jerk code changes seem like a bad idea. We should stay the corse and see what happens.

I will say that I don’t think any change has hardly ever come out as advertised without little nuances that completely change the game in ways they probably shouldn’t.

I’d say likely the distance for activation makes it as you said a moot point. Although I think while I had caught up with you I am now playing in a new little hell where my almost maxed defensive rider is marched through fully defended, and yet each team seems to have one guy that no matter what I do my mythic harbs are falling flat… dark flak stun is a huge part of this and I’m working on getting better at blinking in the presence of ice flak, but I don’t think that should be the only way to beat these bases. Anyways my point is that I think it could be possible that a dark flak stun essentially makes this very difficult to survive adding seconds needed to kill a base when you already were short on seconds.

I fully suspect at the top you guys will be unchanged. I have yet to see anyone do this as I don’t think storm has been a good use of a tower on a short island forever (for larger bases) and on a Long Island it probably reduces damage too much.

So I think we should stay the corse and see what happens. But I still think tbeir communications on this tower seemed to imply this mechanic would not happen.


I did not see where anyone answered on the elektro flak. Please advise.


What about it?


There’s zero interaction between electro passive and earth flak. Electro passive gives 25% more damage to adjacent flak supershots. Earth flak supershot gives health to towers and 0 damage to dragons. What’s 1.25 x 0?


@Gox1201 hey it seems like you have been on the team that tested this so I was curious if you ran into a situation where the defender had maybe 2 storm towers covering that Earth flank? So if you are saying best spot for Ea flank is in spot 4, then storm in 5, what if I had a 2nd storm in spot 6, would they double shield it, thus making you have to kill both storms before taking out the Ea flank? Maybe even put a 3rd storm in position 1 or 2 that can cover the Ea flank. All you need is to find enough shielding to cover the Ea flank and a dark flank and mages and seems impossible. Heck can you have an Ea flank in position 4 and 6 then storms in 3 and 5 on that middle long island? Seems like it would be crazy to me
I feel like this is why, way back when Pg made it where storms could not shield one another because of this double shield


Ride the storms, trap/disable the actual damage dealing flaks (so not the earth flak) and you’re sorted :man_shrugging:


Hmm i think this needs to be remembered

You cannot have more than 1 Stormflak on any given island

You cannot have a storm and stormflak on the same island


What he’s saying is two storms covering one earth flak. In that case the islands kill power drops so much you just ride it out and destroy at your leisure.


Have SF on back of 5 and 2 ST on front of 4.

My suggestion there is kill SF. Again, only one tower needed to die to prevent any “infinity shielding.”


Kill San Francisco? Too many people man


Always makes me think of the otter now :joy:



Is that @Lutrus?!

Sounds like him. (In my head, since I’ve never heard him speak).


I ran into super hammers the other day. That is no joke.


That is priceless :joy::joy::joy:



I had to go back and loook, I mistakenly thought it buffed regular attacks

Thank you for the gentle correction :wink::grin:


Is there any particular reason why you have the discussion as a SEPARATE thread from the original? It’s kind of annoying to have to click to another thread when you could’ve just kept it under the same one? It’s tiring have to click back and forth to see what people are referring to if they don’t cite it.



Since all the flaks are out, can we get what I proposed from next season to give some use to fire and ice shards?


It was stated that earth flak/storm flak shielding each other would be removed in 4.9 update.
It is not included in the list of 4.9 updates
Post here

asking for further clarification (All relevant PG posts in this thread were quoted)

Just saving anyone the double post/effort