Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread



I had to go back and loook, I mistakenly thought it buffed regular attacks

Thank you for the gentle correction :wink::grin:


Is there any particular reason why you have the discussion as a SEPARATE thread from the original? It’s kind of annoying to have to click to another thread when you could’ve just kept it under the same one? It’s tiring have to click back and forth to see what people are referring to if they don’t cite it.



Since all the flaks are out, can we get what I proposed from next season to give some use to fire and ice shards?


It was stated that earth flak/storm flak shielding each other would be removed in 4.9 update.
It is not included in the list of 4.9 updates
Post here

asking for further clarification (All relevant PG posts in this thread were quoted)

Just saving anyone the double post/effort


Built an Earth Flak based on this post:

Then later, this post:

If you Nerf the Earth Flak, will the refunds be automatic, or would we need to raise a ticket for shards and timers?


If I were to bring up the fact that season gear was promised to be buffed in accordance with the atlas gear buffs, but wasn’t, and no one got compensation for that…


Can you mark this as a solution? Lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Has anyone below lvl 500 been involved in the testing? I’m relatively sure my micro base would get insanely much harder if I switched the red mage in between my farms for an earth flak and let that cover one of my mages, fireflak and storm. Not that I’ve got the embers to try… but still seems OP AF to have one invi shield cover another invi shield?


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Left browser open? Hacked account?


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Yes only 1 player was lvl 500. The gpf has players from mid 100 to 500

It does not get “insanely” harder. It gets somewhat harder, if your towers are all maxed, otherwise it gets much easier as you drop tower lvls to add another tower who’s level you cant support


You can’t put them on the same island, so you would have to extend your micro base out


Hmno as they said earlier the long Islands count as two seperate Islands. So you can shield the storm on the long island of a microbase (long+seagazer) by replacing whatever is between your farms with the Earth Flak.


In my case I’m replacing a relatively low level red. What I meant with ‘anyone but 500’ is wether average players have been taken into account. I’m assuming that you and perhaps the other testers as well have access to a plethora of dragons to try ways to circumvent this ‘little harder’ tower. An average player does not. I’m simply afraid that this increases the gap between a defended and an undefended base by another 100 miles.


Hmm i cant claim to have tested all the dragons, but the majority of lead dragons can circumvent it with a bit of practice


I thought would change the game but apparently didn’t look like it


I shared a video


Nice vid, nice flying too. Shame he ss’d both simultaniously instead of the storm first and then the earth. Those were also his last ss? If you bring something with a cloak you might sit them out if they’re used simultaneously.

But again, you look like an expert flyer. You’ve got to take the average flyer into account as well. Most useful would be if PG would do some actual statistical testing with real bases and real attacks. Let it sit ducks for a week or two, watch the win/loss, flames and percentages and then come to a decision. Oh sorry shouldn’t digress into daydreaming.