Earth or Fire flaks



Please be tolerant as I’m french and this is my first ever topic :grinning:

Im level 77 with a micro base. My current kill island is :
df and ff at level 27(max for my level)
Ice turret, Blue and red mage at 26

I also have a storm at 21 and an earth flak at 20

I went for base boost, so I can upgrade two flaks for long time. However I won’t be able to keep leveling with 3 flaks in higher levels and I will only upgrade my kill island towers for long time.

I wonder if I should forget about my earth flak or my fire flak. Moreover, as I love protective shields, if I keep leveling my fire flak, should I use a storm tower instead of ice turret ?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Storm protects better than Ice turret most of the time…
  2. Storm is faster, while Earth Flak (SF) gives additional HP shield in addition to invincibility (like Ice turret)
  3. Since you have DF and FF, just focus at those two. SF is not really comparable to FF IMO.

Forgot to add. If somehow you want to swap flak, I’d suggest swap DF for IF. However, that costs you more Ember…


Thanks a lot for such a quick reply!

Regarding ice turret, should I stop upgrading and do for storm tower ?

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If you’re using Storm in your kill island, sure.

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Right now I’m using the ice turret as it is much higher (26 vs 21 for storm) but I can change that in next fort event

As you said IF before SF, I guess storm tower will be more useful one day :slight_smile:


Edit: yeah I’m not sure if I should put my earth or my fire in the front I might just I don’t know


Swap your fire flak and earth flak, maybe? :eyes:

OP, I’d go with the fire flak over the earth flak. The earth flak is meant to be a storm replacement, and doesn’t do that much damage- so the fire flak + dark flak + storm would be a much better combo than earth flak + dark flak + not-a-flak.

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So the earth flat will fire that much quicker is that why I should put it in the front

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:eyes: Flat earth society? :joy:
I’m joking. Rather than shot faster, it’s so that the ss (shields) can activate faster

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So what about to replace fire turrent with earth flak? I have 2 fire turrents in my dead and no any storm but was building earth flak and it’s Level 46 already! I can stop working on EF and start storm?


As I had a lot of elemental ember, I finally went for 3 flaks

@OzcanxArslan they advised a storm if i only got 2 flaks. But they also said an ice flak should be the third flak instead of earth. At least that how I understood it

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I regret my earth flak build instead of a second dark fwiw


I thought about it but I d rather focus all my defensive power on one single point. Would you put two dark flaks on your kill island?


You can’t place two dark on one island, you can split them on the long kill island. If the front of each 5 tower cluster which is what I should probably have done we will see if the earth helps more than I’ve seen soon


:eyes: How many is this “a lot of”?
Are you sure that you can maintain all 3 of them maxed each fort?


Thanks for explaining a french noob :grinning:


40k but i won’t level for very long. I need to train my dragons after climbing 31 levels…


That’s not a lot at all. It may seem like a ton at 108, but it’ll be eaten veeeeeery quickly :disappointed:


Huh? I mean, if you’ve already been working on it, no reason to switch. It’s basically just an improved version of the storm.

But if you find yourself wanting a second flak… fire flak would be the way to go :eyes:


Thanks for your honest answer. I knew I was wrong but couldn’t stop :joy: i guess I ll fix this in two fort event because I won’t upgrade next. I just pushed very hard for Ronin and I’m 6400 sigils from it