Earth Shard Price - Trading Post

The cost for the earth shards is really 2000 dark shards? …

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That’s a very poor cost. I think they should cost sigils just like everything else. Because in return for the earth shards, you’re losing dark shards, which could be used for dark gear or something else that requires dark shards. Plus, shards are harder to come by when you don’t have atlas, so players without atlas could have a hard time with this round of the trade post.

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Skip it if you don’t like it - I think it’s fine, and PG is most likely experimenting with rss for rss conversion.

Morr has also made the analysis for today’s items on his thread, make sure to check it out. :slight_smile:


Like the day 1 embers, it’s a way to turn a resource you don’t need into a resource you do need. It’s a useful thing to have if you need earth shards and have too many dark shards. Obviously if you need dark shards you wouldn’t buy this.

For example I have way more ice shards than I need or want, I wouldn’t mind converting a few million of them into something I do need. So if that offer comes along I’ll take it (preferably with much larger quantities).


You both make great points.

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@moderators this thread can be closed now I suppose, since it’s only a 24-hour thing.