Earth Turret = BS


So I have a level 80 and level 75 Storm turret. I have spent a FORTUNE in timers building these. But now there is an Earth Turret that does more damage, same super shot plus adds a massive health boost to nearby towers.

I like the idea of new towers being introduced to make things more dynamic, but realistically if you’re making a tower that’s exactly the same as another with a slight advantage, shouldn’t you just boost the existing tower?

Only reason is a money grab? Please allow us to swap storm towers to earth flaks for the relevant elemtanl shard difference. Making people bench level 75 and 80 towers is serious BS and a massive obvious money grab.

Long term, outraged fan.


So the concept of flaks replacing a legacy tower isn’t new:
Dark flak =treb + a lot of ap
Fire flak = archer + ballista weakening
Electro = kinda like lightning with the bonus ss damage to other flaks on same island
Earth flak= storm tower+ice turret shield.

Also, the idea of a mulligan, recycling, or transforming towers is not a new concept (use the search feature on one of those 3 terms at a time), and it’s been suggested since before this forum came to existence. I think the finance department has a hard time wanting to approve such a plan though, given that a new tower to max is about $1000 worth of rss.


Or just build a earth flak as many have


owo whats a earth turret


He meant earth flak

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Treb has increased range on dark flak and is not elemental damage. Sure it’s been irrelevant for a while now but that’s worse, the longer its relevant themore we waste on it.

Fire flak does not give ballista weakening and does not do damage of an archer tower, no idea what this means?



That’s my point. It’s a money scarm.

Ps. Yes I mean Earth Flak not turret. Sorry.


Flaks take the properties of legacy towers + 1
Let’s try this again
Legacy tower = treb: weak damage, long stun, normal range.
DF: High damage, stun, short range

Fire flak reduces the attack of the dragon by 50% for 2.5 seconds. Ballistas can get close but needs max research and needs to stack. Fire flaks have the highest normal attack of the flaks barring df.

And yes of course flaks are elemental and the legacy towers (except storms and Lightning’s) are not.

More to the point, why does a game introduce new content?

Also, it’s not a scam, you get exactly what you pay for.


Can’t stress this part enough, honestly. Just because something better than what you have is introduced doesn’t mean yours suddenly stops working altogether. It still does precisely what it always has.

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Earth flak is not bs or scam. Stop leveling your 2nd storm and start building an earth flak. Some bitching earth flak is not as good storm but go build one when you have enough embers

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They have to keep making new towers desirable or we wouldn’t get them. But they should create mechanisms by which we can change our builds so that we are not permanently stuck with past mistakes or obsolete towers. Failure to do this is BS, but it’s also a drag on the game economy and on overall defense, and has to hurt player numbers.

Solving the problem at this point is not a trivial problem, but that’s why they get the fancy coffee.


They aren’t the same. There is a downside to the earth flak (as far as I have heard) in that the shield takes longer than the storm to go off. This means that storms are better in SOME cases.

That’s not me saying storms are the better of the two. But that it’s not that simple

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most long term planning games do allow some form of reset/respec… be it long cool down between being able to do it again, some game hoops you have to jump through (missions, quests, game resources that are on some increasing amount the more frequently you do it, etc, etc, etc) this game has 0. literal 0. which makes building a base kinda suck. You’re essentially stuck with it forever. to try and change to a new base design with new towers just inflates your levels and puts you at a disadvantage when fighting others.


This is the ONLY game I’ve played where forever really means forever. Every other one out there has some recycle or upgrade or transition / convert method. XP is forever, towers are forever and this can’t continue forever. It won’t be long and flaks will get pushed into forced obsolescence just like the older towers. What then? Level 900 bases because the existing level 600s HAD to replace flaks with the new stuff to remain competitive? Its weird man. Weird.


Totally agree other games have this. I also totally agree they should implement it. But Are you really at a disadvantage if you’ve hit tower lvl 80? Seems like level differences after 450 or so are mostly cosmetic. And if they’re not the player screwed up big time.


Well a lot of people are sub 450
Post 450 - if you fight a 450 with all legacy towers vs all new towers which is stronger?


The farther behind lvl 80 you are the less damage is done by pivoting.

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Can’t afford the embers for a fourth flak. Might have to change my name to TREBnIceHole…



I disagree… because then you’re more severely impacted by glory scaling


I don’t know. So much depends on your team rank + the fact that it seems like you need to be near/in Vanguard to take part in a significant battle (as someone still in harb). I don’t think some levels one way or another will hurt you that much


We may have wandered pretty far off topic but I think a lot of this is right and the game suffers from feeping creaturism.

The current dragon/base imbalance is so very bad right now, there is no reason to for many players to put much thought into base design, tower planning, or much of a strat on how to keep leveling while short on the only currency that counts, embers.

Some of our best bases can only hold with 3 defenders and nobody can sit online 24 X 7 for war and Atlas for very long. It leads to a defeatist attitude and folks just plop something down or tap upgrade until they run out of timers or embers or both. Why open Forti Planner when there is always someone who can wreck your base no matter what you do.