Easier egg collection

Just wanted to suggest something for collecting eggs as it bugs when grinding them.
Wouldn’t it be nice to collect eggs directly from shortcut on attack menu so you could speed missions without going back?


Yes. This would be so helpful because sometimes I forget to collect them and that’s a pain in the arse. :t_rex:
Edit: @PGCrisis Hope it’s alright that I tag you in this because I think it’s a really great suggestion. :slight_smile:


I like the current itteration where i view it from the main base for the simple reason that missions can be for different tasks, and i attack from the sent messages folder 100% of the time (significantly faster than matchmaking).

As long as you don’t change any functions i don’t see the harm, but i also don’t really see the huge benefit either.

That is a specific situation though, attacking from the mail. If I attack a bookmarked base or just want to attack random bases then it’s a huge benefit.

You specifically said that you were grinding for tokens. That means you need ~4 bases.

I’m teaching you how to be more efficient in your grinding :slight_smile:

  • just prior to grinding, make sure you have the latest sent mails to msmersy, ML63, and two of your other L1 tower bases you frequent
  • Start your missions, quickly read them
  • If you get an RSS mission, you need to switch dragons anyways, so you are already on the home screen with easy swap access through the dragon roster
  • go to sent mail and attack the player directly, no searching for them in a long list of bookmarks or matchmaking. The only time you hit matchmaking is for an RSS mission and pick the first one that you come across that meets the rss criteria

That’s how i do it at least and its very quick.


Thanks for the information, always welcome.

However I don’t like always to grind on the most effective way. sometimes i just enjoy to attack live bases or take advantage of the multipliers on invader.
There’s even sometimes the mission of killing X tower type that exist on invader that I can just do in 1 go while xp running.

In these cases I miss a “egg collector”. My level of grinding sits probably half way of yours I’m certain :sunglasses:

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Fair enough :smiley:
I hope you enjoy yourself switching it up when doing missions. Would most definitely make it less tedious

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I like this idea. I have thought this many times myself. The biggest problem is when I am in Atlas grinding for gold and I complete a mission, I would like to be able to collect it and start a new mission without having to go out of Atlas and back in. Lately, every time I do it’s a crap shoot as to whether I’ll be able to get back in or if I’ll get the “Atlas has failed to load” message. So it would be REALLY nice to be able to stay in there…

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Along these lines, why do we have to “claim” the tokens? I mean if we do the mission, shouldn’t we just get them?

Once or twice a long time ago I remember starting my device in the morning only to find that glorious gold egg taunting me from the mission balloon. Could almost hear it say “Hey dum bass, you forgot to claim me before you went to bed”.

Sure there’s a good reason, but would love to hear it.

Not a mute bass but only emoji I could find.


The only benefit I can potentially see to having to manually collect the egg tokens is that it allows you to see your egg total increase (provided you’re low enough on egg tokens where an extra 80 eggs—for the first mission if you have elite and the breeding token bonus—will make a visual change to your total).

But I’d gladly sacrifice that if it meant that I could just get the tokens as soon as the mission was done. It would allow me to stay in the attack menu and search for the next target while ember was recovering instead of having to return home each time a mission was fulfilled. (The ability to access the egg missions from inside the matchmaking matrix make this possible since you can speed up missions from there instead of having to exit to go tap on the zeppelin.)


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