Easier Rune Removal

Removing runes is a great idea but it is a bit of a pain finding the dragon with the rune you need to remove it. When you are viewing equipped runes you get the smallest picture of a dragon with no name that you have to recognise and then go to the den, find it and then remove the rune, a long winded exercise.

To make it easier I propose that when you select to view equipped runes and then click on the rune that you want you get the option to remove it appearing in the popup. If that’s not possible at least in the popup have the name of the dragon it is equipped to so you can find it easier.



@PGShrike yeah would be good if we can remove runes using chisels/rubies from the rune tower screen


I was looking at runes equipped from the dragons equip page, never thought of looking for them in the rune tower.

So a modified request would be to see the dragon equipped on when viewing from a dragon.

Honestly I dont see the need for it. It’s a very minor inconvenience to risk PG breaking things for. We’re only talking about a few extra seconds and it’s not like you’re constantly moving runes so I dont see this as something needing change.

I’m really starting to feel how frustrating it can be that a minor QoL suggestion might never come to light because spaghettically speaking the game core is terribly coded and a simple change (or so it seems) can screw up everything like it did so many times already…

There’s so many possible QoL improvements like this one suggested in this thread that could be done! Even I have a collection of post-its with ideas that I should someday compile…

Maybe tomorrow… I’m a modcrastinator…