Easier way to check teammates bases

Right now, there are only three ways you can check a teammates base: by clicking their name in chat, emailing them and attacking from your sent mail, or clicking the i next to your name then clicking the i next to your team name then finding the person and clicking the attack icon. Can PG please add the attack button to the team roster page in the Team Meeting Hall?

I would like to be able to check my teammates bases without having to email everyone, having them talk in a chat recently, or having to go threw the longer third way. This could result in the need for players to fix bases which could give PG money.


I go through the team roster by way of my own ‘info’ screen (‘i’ icon next to my team name).

You can also, once in Manage Team, click on the teammate name, click on Info button then scroll in the list to your teammate then attack him.
I agree that if PG would put the Attack option from the Manage Team list, that would be great !

Ah, true, I forgot about that way (I’ll add it to the OP). It is still annoying though lol. It shouldn’t be hard to add it.

Could you imagine a button where you can attack YOURSELF! A sort of trial area, where you could try out different things first hand and improve your base by first-hand experience. That’d be not only helpful, but really cool!


It would also be cool to be able to attack your teammates for the same reasons.

Attacking teammates is a very popular request, only folks against it are PG. I imagine it has to do with alt/xp base support but I cannot confirm that.

I believe they have said before that there are a lot of programming loopholes which would make it a hard to shut down all the possible cheating vectors.

I always use the league rating page to view teammate bases :man_shrugging:

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