Easiest way to obtain orange and green eggs for research?

I have bred all of the orange and green dragons but still don’t have enough orange and green eggs to complete all the research. Does anyone have any good combinations of breeding pairs to most efficiently obtain extras of these?


Orange eggs:

Kinnara (red dragon) + Nix is best.

If you don’t have Nix breedable, Slynx + Ankor (orange dragons) is almost as good.

Green eggs:

Viscus (blue dragon) + Pandi

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Thanks CheekyGrinch :pray:.I actually have one or two blue research to do as well, any idea on those?

Gog (purple dragon) + Baldr (blue dragon) for blue eggs.

Here is a couple links to two websites with a lot of information you can reference in the future:



Surf around on those two sites. There are more out there but those two I reference the most (Thanks Red!). If you haven’t already, I’d also go to the breeding guides section on Red’s site and check it out. Following a breeding path is essential in avoiding wasting precious egg tokens :slight_smile:


:pray: thank you. Have always used amoebas guide, never seen that page before.

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Also I’ll mention that it’s not advisable for a free or moderate spending player to waste egg tokens on green+ research eggs. It’s gets really expensive and you’ll end up behind in dragons.

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I think I am okay there but you may have a better idea. I am level 61, by lvl 63 I will have bander, firactus, caladbolg, whalegnawer, consurgens and donivalis.

As Red said, unless you plan on spending, just keep breeding and use the green eggs you get along the way. If you see green eggs in the pairings, especially at 40 fragments (rare greens), then you’ll also want to avoid using mystic fragments, as that’d skip the extra green eggs. You’ll also want to try to stick to one line, such as the last one to focus on dragons, so that you’re close to progressing into gold and later research; if you have extra, then you can focus on the others.

Part of the issue is also that the Builder Hut takes 30 green eggs(!) in all from Builder levels 13-20.

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Also look ahead and see how many egg tokens it takes in Sapphire and above - that’s why I recommend saving

Thanks much!

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