Easing mundane tasks in pvp events

I have to say one of my least favorite things are the pvp events where you have to look at every single team, then every player in each team to find a potential target. It pisses me off every single time, it’s a massive pain in the butt. I think it could be simplified in the lists of teams in your league w an additional page listing every level player, team, base def, highest def tower, and points they r worth in a given event. That would take out a lot of the tedium and wasted time, so each team has a chance to do their best straight off since we already lose a full 24 hrs anyway.

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Many pvp events are already flying the same 1-3 bases over and over for 5 days which is extremely tedious but the best way to maximize points. Having the game tell you the 3 bases would streamline it I guess by taking out the 2 minutes of looking at bases at the start of the event, but that may be even worse. That’s 2 more minutes of monotony.

  1. it’s not lost. You can gather chests during this time.

  2. Why not use those 24hrs to scout the teams in your league for potential targets? That way you’re ready to go when battle phase starts.


A base is more than that. Base layout and buffs have their parts as well


I agree with your suggestion. Even if these are partial informations about the strength of a base, it would still help the player and it only displays information in a quicker way. It’s a game, we need to focus on the fun parts. We all lose a lot of time on loading screens. Limiting them as much as possible would enhance player experience imho

I think a much simpler solution that would still vastly speed up the process of finding targets is an adjustment to what menu the game takes you to.

If I tap through to check a specific player’s base before attacking and find that they’re too strong for me, I cancel the attack and… I’m brought back to the main event screen. This means that i have to go back through all the menus again: Attack --> Choose Team --> Choose Player --> Choose Attack Type --> See Base.

If the game simply brought us back to the same team’s list of players, it would save a fair amount of time when searching for a target, and it wouldn’t even require PG to put all the work in of coming up with a stat layout like you’re suggesting in this post.

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