Easy question about base Gameplay

What’s better in your opinion? Thank
Just consider one simple thing:
In the setup with the Storm, it can be placed behind, making it less vulnerable (even while the dragon turns the corner). Thank again

  • 1st Setup
  • 2nd Setup

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storm tower is cheaper and more effective with an ice turret imo.

also here is the rest of your base for reference

I will personally keep ice flak upfront. Swap it’s position with ice turret in setup 1.

Don’t like either :expressionless:
No blue in front means easier KABOOM


14 votes with 50/50 :joy:

  1. Cheapest
  2. Earth Flak is stronger than storm tower

The first is cheaper, but the second one is better.

Both, however, are terrible. You have no blue mage. Any player with hau can walk that base and anyone can cloak past it or use a blue spell such as havoc or a shield.

Replace the ice turret with a blue mage, swap the ice and fire flak (optional), and go with option 1, using an earth flak in place of the storm tower if you can afford to maintain it.

I would also consider replacing the fire flak with a dark flak. In this case, the dark flak would be in front because of range.

I tried but the rage drain island screwed me over :unamused:

The kill island, not the whole base. If you make past the rage drain island with rage then you can cloak past the kill island.
Not sure what the rage drain island is level, but players that can “beat” the rage drain can use blue spells.

There’s actually not much point in using Hau if you can’t solo with her. You…probably can, if you’re creative, here? But I always found soloing with Hau needs two full reverses, and you can’t really 100% without doing a short one to dodge island 3, or equipping something to replace that first blink. I tried Macellaio’s base (thrice, because I suck, hope you don’t mind) and was able to 80% by killing the back two islands, so that makes Hau viable in war against this base…except Hau is viable against most micros, so no change there.

But honestly I’d move this whole base setup to Island 3 just to have the ice flak SS fire faster. Also I don’t think the turret supershot HP buff and flak supershot HP buff stack? Nice base, nevertheless. Looks like maxed gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Getting 70% under normal attack circumstances is a win. I can’t see the whole base with the photo, so I based my answer off that.

I have 7 elite and unfortunately 1 max legendary shield ( that i crafted when legendary was the best tier).
Actually Ice Shield and Earth Flak Boost DON’T stack (only 1 is applied) but they cover each other, that means Earth will gain Ice’s Shield and Ice Turret will gain Earth’s boost. In any case, after some test (thanks to LC) , i found a different but lethal layout (but it’s a long term project).
Essentially is the setup number 1 just different tower location :slight_smile:
Edit 2.
Test made vs nearly baby (lv410-420) Empyrian Namaka Ronin Narlyth Meglok ( Considering that towers lv77 are designed to fight max mythic Vanguard)

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