Eclipse Season Details & Dragon Reviews!

Starting off another season of details and dragons to outline and review!

Season Update/Overview & Planning:

Legendary Dragons:

  • Takariok: Ice Sorcerer (50% Discounted first 2 weeks)
  • Zel’Noth: Dark Hunter

Zel’Noth first flights

Talariok first flights

Mythic Dragons

Quasar first flights

Ikaros first flights



Awesome Shivenzo. Thanks!


Liked and Subscribed!!!

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How can be Ikaros called mythic with just one white spell :man_facepalming:t2: Must be joke


Only white spells doesn’t mean a dragon will be better since these are normally weaker somehow when comparing to similar coloured spell.

Ikaros seems challenging but if his invoker shot can disable 3 towers he may be a tough cookie


Without white spells it’s just Verdant Namaka, which is a legendary dragon. Just sayin, that with blue and red spells this dragon has many weaknesses. For me, the blue spell should be changed to white

Namaka was a mythic dragon. I agree that 1 more white spell would look more tentative but we have to wait until CF get their hands on him, we may get a good surprise :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean it’s not like the dragon has a way to turn off mage towers making spell colour redundant? And a way to cast that twice in short succession. Then letting it cast a powerful nuke which actually generates rage on kill.

I’m sorry but if you are writing it off based on just spell colours then you are missing out.

And namaka was a mythic. Sure it may cap out at legendary but a decent chunk of mythics do that. And namaka was absolutely busted strong in her day


even the guy reviewing quasar can’t figure out how it can possibly be used. the healing mechanic is insanely bad. i’d rather have hyaku’s spells.

i have been saving chests for two seasons. have 400K rubies. winter will be my 6th season playing the game. still no mythic. i can’t fully express my level of disappointment that these dragons are so horrible.

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You didn’t get a mythic last season :flushed:? Both of them were good. Or in Naja’s season? :flushed:

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I had just enough rubies to get lockjaw, but with no contingency plan if my math was wrong, so I waited. been kicking myself.

now I need to wait another 3 months. hopefully they will overreact and made some OP dagons in the spring.

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Waiting for an OP dragon is the wrong attitude to have. What fun is having an unstoppable dragon that just plows thru bases? I think people’s expectations are skewed.
Look for a decent dragon that can do the job with 3 defenders at your tier.


yeah, ok. a dragon that does well with 3 defenders certainly isn’t either of these. i pay for the elite, but that is all. I can only get 1, maybe 2 mythics a year. taking one with such obvious flaws would be rather silly. the warrior effectively has zero health recovery.

if you have to leave towers up, just to get the healing mark, you’ll probably lose an extra 10% because you left it up, making the heal a break even.

The only time you actually get healing is when you can’t put the towers down and thus are most likely going to get killed anyway.

Definitely definitely wait for some real flight experience reports in that case. And I do agree it’s quite possible that if you do 1 mythic a year, this is maybe not the best season to pick compared to summer or fall.


Seems the problem is the economy your the current numbers guy would you say it’s a healthy sign that players are skipping seasons to keep their play style viable ?
Non participation seems to be a effect of a unhealthy economy🤔thoughts?


I mean… at the end of the day, what a player decides to do with their season is entirely up to them.

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ZelNoth is a dragon I like the looks of and by the difficulty level it has the same spell for cloak as Rashka and Pathox

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it will be my sixth season too. I have Hauhezen and Calavore. I’ll get Ikaros, I agree that your blue spell should be white.

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Nice work getting all those mythics. We all play as much as we play. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong per se. Long ago accepted that I will progress as fast as I am personally able to in these games, and will not be a top player.

This even more so means that I should not settle for a so obviously flawed mythic.

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Similar, but it can actually use ammo and doesn’t have increased rage gen