Eclipse Wave 3 - Nebulon - Official Discussion Thread

Check out the Self-Proclaimed Emperor and Megatron wannabe, NEBULON - the Eclipse season Festive: All Hail Nebulon, Emperor of Nothing, Destroyer of Anything and this season's Festive Dragon!

Edit 1/27:
Gal note: Hello everyone, thanks for your feedback - I took your feedback to the team to see if we could make any adjustments that might alleviate some of the issues foregrounded in this thread. Here is our response:

Hello everyone,

We’ve been reading and mulling over your feedback around the branch change. We understand the concerns and know that many of you have been planning long in advance to use your Sigils in this branch and we apologize for not communicating our intent to make changes.

As a result, we have re-evaluated the change and will raise the use of the node to 150 (4x Draconic Chest per 500 sigil claim, a max of 600 Draconic chests). This will greatly increase the probability for players to max Nebulon using only Draconic Chests earned from the branch, as well as providing a large amount of chests for players looking to make big leaps in their progression.

While we still stand by our original analysis for why we capped the chest, we understand that we did not communicate effectively and in a timely manner. Please note that this branch and chest will be undergoing changes come next season which we will announce before the start of the season.

Once again, we apologize for the miscommunication and appreciate your feedback.

– PG

Just to be clear - you can now claim 4x Draconic chests for 500 Sigils 150 times, resulting in a max of 600 Draconic chests.

How dastardly is Nebulon?
  • Nebulon can rule my galaxy (Positive)
  • More like meh-bulon (Neutral)
  • Nebulon wouldn’t even make a good night light (Negative)

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Well that sucks. No more spending rubies on super sigils to get 200+ draconic chests.

Edit: Might I note that isn’t even enough to max out the festive? You need 455 shards to max out the festive past Obsidian taking Hueso’s info as a guide. You need a minimum of 300 chests to get max shards, probably closer to 450 considering how the drops work. For easy math, let’s say 400 total so 300 extra need to be bought. That is 240k rubies you need to drop to get it. Ugh.


This doesn’t make any sense. Why would PG limit the amount of draconic chests one can get at the end of the festive line?

  • Last node is 4 x Draconic chest, able to be acquired 25 times. for a max of 100 Draconic chests

Tell me it’s a joke, because i will assume it’s a joke, my… my draconic… dream… :cry: :disappointed:


Why limit the Draconic chests? Yet again PG gives us a feature that players love and PG taketh away🤦🏻‍♂️

Emperor of nothing? More like emperor of nerfed chests


It’s a big damn nerf, from as much draconics you could afford to 100 only, I might not get this branch if so.


This makes me sad, although I’m not surprised as I was afraid of something like this happening. :disappointed: Guess I’ll rethink where my sigil stash goes.


I can’t think of any reason that people go for this line now…

@PGGalileo can you please let us know if significant changes like this will occur?

Many players saved sigils for this line to get 400-600 draconics for next season.

By holding off on our sigils we have all lost an opportunity to get 20% bonus on prior lines…

With this season already being quite expensive and all of the random last minute material changes to lines our planning is being compromised.


Skipping this garbage. Built my whole season around it.


He looks amazing and love his spells :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart: keep the amazing work up

Me too! I’ve been saving for this line hoping things wouldn’t change too drastically. :sob:


@PGGalileo, how can you make Ang sad?

On Topic: This is a pretty big curve ball to throw at the end of a season already faced with discontent from the community. I’m not immediately damning the decision but some justification surely could not have hurt; however, obvious it may have been. E.g., to subvert noticeable exploitation or imbalance and supported by data to reinforce.

Knowing that you are keenly aware of the general tone in the community, Gal, was this aspect discussed? Was some blurb to help soften the blow created?


I don’t know man, maybe for invoker glyph… meh
Hell no :fire: I am gonna destroy that fricking Venus and Orrery branches :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
The anger is not against you. Jus saying :expressionless:

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If it is a subpar glyph like Hueso’s, 5% instead of 8%, then it is just another slap in the face.



Oh thanks! That is a good thing, at least. But a very expensive glyph lol

I’m still salty lol


Thank you pg! Yep for making my decision simple I will go for the timers in other branches and skip this branch all together :man_facepalming:
Slow clap for pg :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


It’s cheapest than the normal legendary glyphs
Which need to spend 27500 sigils to get( on non discount branch)

This right here is huge and a very important point! Thanks for doing the math.


Exactly why I’ll be skipping it :man_shrugging:
They are not even supplying the number of chests needed to max him
So basically a pay to fly dragon lol :man_facepalming: