Edges of game screen cut off ipad



I am using a 6th gen base ipad, and noticed I can’t see/attack monuments on the left & right edges. The screen is zoomed in too far. Compared to my Note 8 it’s like watching a wide-screen movie vs zoomed. Anyone have any fixes?


It’s just an aspect ratio difference - 4:3-ish vs 16:9-ish.


I’m hearing from people they had this issue and either changed something on the iPad settings or in game… You can only see the middle of a normal game screen. With my Note 8 I see EVERYTHING side to side.


Not going to happen, the screen is restricted vertically because everyone can see and shoot equally far ahead. That means narrow screens like the iPad will always have less view to the sides.


Like @forScience said, it’s just an aspect ratio thing. Here’s a link to a post I did back in November 2017 that illustrates the aspect ratio difference between an iPad Pro and an iPhone SE. I’m assuming your Note 8 has an aspect ratio closer to what is seen for the iPhone in this picture.


Thanks alot on the image difference picture… Some people had told me there were settings you could change, but knowing it’s not something you can adjust gives my brain a rest vs thinking I’m missing out on a way to change it. Peace of mind, Note 8 rocks! IPAD meh


If they are offering a game on multi platforms they might want to make sure that any monuments that offer drops are available equally regardless of the platform on which you play.


You can certainly hit every monument from a tablet screen. I do it all the time, you just have to tap at the correct time and places :slight_smile:


Makes sense, but if you don’t even know they are there makes it kinda hard…

I do know there is one on the last invader island, i’ve seen players shoot on the left… danged if I can find it though :slight_smile:


Anyway this looks very uncomfortable :persevere: because you have a small time lapse to hit the monuments and the boats to the right are impossible.


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