Edit: Sapphire Tier Chompa fails to Solo a 53

@Grumpybigbird shot down Noctua at 139 (bad flier) and at Chompa failed to solo a lvl 53. Wow there are some people out there who just can’t fly…


Nice, but why are you putting your farms up front? Giving attackers either free % of your base or rage builders for follower. Move your base forward :+1:

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Wow. Extremely :poop: flyer. Just saying, I wouldn’t be too proud of shooting him down :man_shrugging:

That was like watching the scores of Kinnarus flyers that LOVE to quake every Red mage tower they see… :man_facepalming:


I wish I could store the farms. This layout allows 5 towers to be shielded by the storm and ice turret.

I had the kill tower island in the 2nd Long Island and rage drain on the 2nd perch and the farms on the 1st perch island before. But I changed it recently and I tested it 10-20 times and it works fine. The farms are so low lvl that’s why. Farms are 60% of my base on my main so it won’t work there👌

I agree lol

Crap flyers make us look good. Don’t knock them they have a purpose :joy:


I think what Grumpy means is swap your mage drain to the other small island, put your farms where your rage drain is, and move your Long Island to the middle Long Island.

Putting your farms up front gives an attacker somewhere to stall

Lol. It’s incredible. You can even SEE the red aura from red mages from a distance before you even are actually hitting that island. Using Kinn will never show anyone whether or not you’re a good flier, but it can certainly show if you’re bad :man_facepalming:

And yeah, no idea what this guy was doing in the video.


Let him have his moment :joy:

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I feel so bad for the attacker…it was a revenge attack for his teammate :sweat_smile:

Drives me insane seeing nearly everyone load up earthquake on kinn every single island and just spamming it with no damage as a result. Unless dodo just happens to knock out the red mage a millisecond before EQ lands
I’ve had high level players tell me it still does damage too! LOL

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Hahaha there are always :poop: fliers. I know people who use kinnarus and use invincibility shield right before the dragon turns the corner and boom the shield disables and ur dead :joy:

Doesn’t it disable the towers but do no damage?

Nope. But if we’re using a small island of 5 towers (for clarity’s sake) and the red mage is not in the middle but is in the back, it’s leaving one tower uncovered so it can get quaked. But that tower isn’t under protection.

Huh, every time Ives seen it I think it gets the rock around the towers but I’ll take your word.

You’ll see the “rock,” effect but the spell does NO damage and stuns the towers for 0.000 seconds.
So strong right? :rofl:
I’m trying to not confuse anyone

Oh is that all it does? My bad. Play the game half asleep most of the time lol

A clearer example would be with Thunderstorm, as you can see the ‘bolts’ when it’s cast nearby a red mage, but it deals no damage to towers under the aura.

That had to be a planned fail attack. Nobody get to saphire and hits one target at a time with sorcerer.

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Maybe they thought it was a hunter. It wasn’t intentional to fail because:

  • Revenge attack for a teammate
  • Right after this, they attacked again with a sapphire borgian and did 93%.
  • Then attacked again with Scorchil and I wasn’t defending but a teammate was and soloed 100%