Editing Support Tickets

There’s this principle that if you reply multiple times to a ticket, or create numerous consecutive tickets, you’re pushed further down the lineup overall and generally have to wait longer for a response. With this considered, why do we not have the ability to edit our tickets that we file to support?

Sometimes we find after the fact that we missed something or that we didn’t quite cover the entire scope of what we wanted to address to support, but if we expect a timely response, we can’t alter nor add anything to the subject matter. An edit button would be a fairly quick and easy solution to this problem.


Just add your point and be patient. It’s not like we know when the ticket will get response.

An edit button in support ticket may pose a problem, unless it’s strictly limited (e.g. the button is disabled once the response is read by a cs staff)


That wouldn’t even necessarily have to be the case. Instead of editing the original message just have it set so that the person that filed the ticket could only add on information and have any information that gets added on appear in a different color. That way even if a cs individual has read the original issue anything added on to it while they were trying to get an answer appears in say red, it could give them the additional information they might need to get an answer quicker if it is taking them a while to get an answer for the main complaint.

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Nothing constructive to say then no need to post ignore it and move on.

If adding a message to the ticket indeed does push it down the queue, this would be due to the last modified date changing. Editing the original text would also change this date and cause the same issue.

I think evidence of support tickets being pushed further down the queue by adding comments is anecdotal at best. Support ticketing systems typically have an SLA set from creation date, and this would get suspended when a request for more information from “customer” flag is set

IIRC that came from Jared, who overlooks support.