Editing Team Wiki

Is there any “nice” way to edit the team Wiki?
When I try on my iPad, and the keyboard takes up half the space and i’m struggling in the rest of the space, I know that the end product is not as good as I’d otherwise like.

Do I need to connect up a bluetooth keyboard or similar just to find screen realestate? :slight_smile:

I type it out in Google Docs on my desktop. Then go to my iPad and open the doc there, copy the text from there to get it into the clip board, open the wiki, and paste.

There may be an even better way, but this works to at least get the text in place.


Can use forum too :upside_down_face:
Or embed the doc directly.
That way, we can edit it outside the game


Until someone posts a better Idea, this is my new favourite. Cheers.

Do you mean type in the forum editor, then copy and paste?
If so, I hate using the forum on my iPad even more :slight_smile: I tend to wait till I have my laptop at home (Work blocks the forum. Nasty work)

Forum through browser is more user friendly than ingame.

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Probably true… but then I won’t see the defence banners :smile:
I can try that though.
Probably still gonna run with google docs at this point.

Use an iPad Pro with a smart cover keyboard? :upside_down_face: That’s what I do… but if no iPad Pro then @DocHoIIiday’s suggestion is the best one I’ve seen on the thread.


I copy and paste from Google Docs too, and I have a Bluetooth keyboard that I’ll use for quick edits and formatting

What I do is probably a super long round about way to do it, but I prefer it.

  1. I have Visual Studio (free version) on my computer so I installed a markdown plugin. Let’s me have a preview so I can see when I forgot the double space for line breaks and formatting.
  2. I save the file and move it to my Google drive.
  3. I have a free markdown editor app on my iPad I open it in from Google drive.
  4. Select all, copy, open game and paste into the page I want.

I tried using a bluetooth keyboard with the markdown app but just never could come to like it. Now I have backup copies on my computer for those oops moments, including me cleaning up my drive and remembering days later why I saved it. :rofl:

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