Educational hopefully: post animals that seem too unreal to exist 🕵️‍♀️


So pretty. I looked it up to learn more.



Honestly I think the Jellyfish seems too surreal to exist. They literally don’t have any bones, brains or a heart. They have been alive for millions of years and have over 2,000 different types of species.


Dracunculus medinensis

The females of this parasitic round worm can grow several feet in length, and live underneath the skin of humans, although other similar species infect other vertebrates. The worm created a painful sore, usually on a person’s foot. When the injured appendage is placed in water, the worm spews its eggs out of the sore.

The only way to remove the worm is to slowly wind it around a stick over a period of several weeks. If the worm is broken in this process, it releases a plethora of poisons into the host’s tissues, causing them to go into anaphylactic shock and die.

The cool things you learn while studying parasitology…


An important note about this creature is that it’s been nearly wiped out. There are only a few regions where it still lives, and we continue to improve our eradication efforts.


I forgot to mention that. Thank you for pointing that out, Jared.


Oooh waiting for you to post the botfly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I feel like most people wouldn’t be surprised by a botfly. If we’re going with weird parasites, maybe Leucochloridium paradoxum?

The eye-stalks on this snail are filled with a flatworm that takes control of the snail in order to get it eaten by birds.


Pure freakiness :flushed:


Not gonna lie, I am so intrigued by the animals posted and very irked all at the same time. This single thread has made me go through many emotions, including disgust, adoration, and total confusion.



Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!!

Edit: this is one of the more terrifying looking creatures on this tread so far :scream:


Looks like a lamprey.


Yes, it is


Looks like a worm from Dune! :joy:


And now, say Cheese!


Pretty, sea slug?


Bobbit Worm - underwater tremors :scream:


Potoo bird


Goblin shark