Educational hopefully: post animals that seem too unreal to exist 🕵️‍♀️


The Honduran Ghost (or white tent) bat! They make tents out of leaves and are VERY TINY! :heart_eyes:


Statistics can be misleading. Is it really that more Rhino’s are being poached? Or is it that better methods of tracking them to prevent poaching have been developed recently?

“We now are able to more accurately determine how many Rhino’s are being poached”, doesn’t exactly give the reader the same sense of urgency as does the graph posted above. That headline wouldn’t be very good clickbait as opposed to “Zomg Rhino poaching is up by 1000%!!!”

Regardless of my general skepticism of statistics, 1 poached Rhino is too many.


Speaking of rhinos
The last male northern white rhino, Sudan, died 3 days ago

Trying to get it to link but it won’t cooperate. It is a ribbon worm


Lol gross. Reminds of those fruit snack commercials.

“Just because it goo’s, doesn’t mean it’s gush.”


I remember a video where it showed one of those moving and people were freaking out because they didn’t know what it was.


Also the animals from the Abyss, it’s so crazy to think that there’s still so much that’s still yet to be discovered! :face_with_monocle:


It’s a paolumu from Monster Hunter!


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Glaucus Atlanta:

oh look, a Kaiju 5mm tier lol
I believe that few will understand XD


I was gonna put one of those here!!



Lamprey or leech?


Frilled shark


Psst…it’s not a flower


Yeti crab…lives far down in the deep ocean


I love the name.



Giraffe weevil



No one’s mentioned the Coelacanth yet?


I am a bit surprised no one has mentioned the world’s largest known venomous mammal.


Early explorers thought the bill was fake and tried to take it off🤣


It’s a what? Lol