Effective and efficient ways to find target?

Hello all,

What some some effective and efficient ways that you all use to find target at their castle or guard? I do very well on Aligane, but outside of Aligane… I have no idea how to find target.

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I started by using line bots now I’m mostly just scrolling through the Map and certain neighborhoods where I know the access castles tend to bubble a lot :smirk: I made myself an Ingame Chat to post coords whenever I stumble across something so I can always get back to that later.
Or I’m relying on my wonderful officers and teammates to provide me with coords to feast on.


If you don’t have access to a Line bot and aren’t alliance affiliated, try using the search function for prim target ingame (next to the coords input). It’s less time-efficient than bots but yields good targets sometimes if you specify the level you’re looking for and filter by troop count.


Do you have line or telegram ? Bots are the most efficient ways unfortunately. If you want an invite to the bot pm me here or in game (luci)

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