Egg and Timer Missions

Just looking for opinions on which offers a better value. I am only giving two options because one of the two contains the better overall value if I want timers and eggs from my missions. Assume only 3, 4, and 5 star Atlas missions are used. Assume the person taking advantage of this poll only opens chests during pvp.

  • Egg missions from the balloon and times from Atlas missions
  • Timer missions from the balloon and egg tokens from Atlas missions

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Oh, please feel free to comment below if you think my thinking is skewed and/or you think the attempt to get both is foolish.

Edit, how do I make it show who voted lol?

You do not have enough options. I would say tokens from both.


Depends on what you need and where you’re at with your breeding.

When I need to get to certain level in Fort then I do timers for both, otherwise I do eggs for both since these new dragons are so expensive


I am actually looking for the most economical way to get both. I don’t want egg tokens from both.

I am end game in both towers and breeding. Just looking for the more efficient combo.

I’d rather have it mixed for Atlas mission (4,5,5 e.g.)

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Well the way you said it none of these two options lol

I do the timer missions in ballon and in atlas

5 :high_brightness: Token mission
5🔆 Timer mission
4🔅 Timer mission .

I dont bother time with missions 1-3 stars .


I made the maths a long time ago so feel free to correct

In zeppelin missions, one token is equivalent to exactly 3 min (if I do a 1h mission, i can either claim 132 eggs or 396 min)

In all atlas rider missions, one token is equivalent to 2.4 min

In gold chests, one token is worth 4.7 min in breeding, 7.1 in pvp and 19.1 in fort

So you proportionally get more tokens from any type of missions than you get from any gold chests…

That’s why, as a 447 at N-1, facing timers and tokens walls, I focus opening my chests on fort and claim tokens from missions except for a 5* on timers


I switched back to egg token missions when they introduced the howie towers which has loads of timers… but really will depend on what i will need, im about to break in to eldritch tier next breed so will need all the tokens i need… i do both in atlas btw

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