Egg Bonus Deactivation


Mine wasn’t working last night—sent in a support ticket. They said they fixed it for me by turning it back on; they didn’t. Then I was told it was a known issue.
Got up this morning just now and it’s back for me. :t_rex:


My alts is fixed …it’s a miracle


Mine too has been missing. Same as most sent ticket and they supposedly fixed but it didn’t. They then said it’s a know issue but if you look at the known issues it says that this issue was fixed.


My 125% with elite is working. Just imagine all the people getting screwed because they either didnt notice their bonus turned off or they dont come onto the forums and dont know what is happening. Another week, another devastating glitch

Im sure compensation will be like 50 eggs to those people, despite the thousands that they’ll lose out on. PG should be sending out 20k eggs to everyone affected


3:30 pm EDT Update - It’s working now.


My 125% boost isn’t working either. It stopped after fort, I got it back for breeding (I had no token boost or chest drops for the whole pvp event). I still had it this morning - about 9 hours ago. I updated my game to the new version and it’s gone again. Sent in a ticket and they told me it was resolved. It’s really not, lol!


Can confirm both 100% and 125% bonus working for self & teammates as of 14:30pm PST.


You don’t have to put the PM if you use 24-hour time :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


Don’t you judge me! I’ve been dealing with PG logic for too long!


I’m just picturing people who don’t know military time scratching their heads and going :thinking:


Did you guys try reinstalling the game?


I did. No help


Guys check your boosts I just lost my 125% boost after the forced reset


Mine are just fine? :man_shrugging:t3:


Yeah mine got fixed but most of my team and in lc lost it at least temporarily


Mine is still broken and have the 125%

Support tried the crap of restarting my game…like that’s honestly going to fix anything. I immediately replied to them and now haven’t heard anything in the past 12 hours from them.


Did you actually reinstall, or did you not think it would do anything? Never underestimate the power of turning things off and on.




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