Egg bonus delay?

Looks like the delay in egg bonus is At least 10 hours. Is this a manual process by pg? Got the reward last night but as if this morning it is still not showing

Its starts after the xp are reseted.

So if you have the egg tokkens bonus you need to wait, until you see the x5 on your dragons

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24 hours after claiming it.

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That is all fine and well but when you receive a message from support staying this (see attached or screenshot) what do you do? War Dragons needs to get on one page wth! This is someone else on my team who asked about it since this was his first time claiming the token bonus. It is not breeding event it is fortification so unless wintertide started with a gift of double egg tokens for first event and I didn’t get it then I don’t understand the response. Token bonus should be applied once it is claim. When we buy the elite account it doesn’t take 24 hours. Essentially we are buying these items when we claim because sigils are a type of currency. Can someone please advise. @PGJared @PGEggToken @PGPulse

How do I attach a screenshot @DimwitJanku

well, egg token bonus has been always 24 hours before being activated automatically since it was introduced. event isn’t’ even 24 hours yet.

unless you want support to manually activate thousands of player’s egg token boost while they ignore those who needs actual help.

How would you feel if you claimed a dragon and you were super excited but you can’t get it for 24 hours then you have to hatch it. Same thing! As we all know when it comes to egg token missions time is of the essence because the longer it takes to finish missing the less you can get in tokens. These are items ,which as you said not even 24 hours into event, that people worked hard for it should be issued almost immediately

I would just wait if it were me. I would send a ticket if I don’t know about it and accept it if they said it is automatically activates after 24 hours.

If i post on this forum about it, I am sure others will say that it is 24 hours like the previous season.

We have 3 months for the winter tide season and its been less than 24 hours.

just saw that you tag Jared and the other PG Staff. I am sure that they will say the same that it takes 24 hours. You can contact support again after 25 hours if it doesn’t activate.

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  1. I can’t stand people who lie on themselves just to stick to their point!
  2. one point of my post was regarding the false information which was given to my teammate by support, which they should know the event is fotification not breeding. Wasn’t the point of the migration for support to be better?
  3. The second part of my post was looking for clarification as to WHY we have to wait 24 hours when everything else is automatic. I can’t be pacified with it takes 24 hours and that it. Don’t we have a right to know why this prize is different is distributed differently.

edit: Oh my teammate did send a ticket and the reply he receied was the screenshot on in my post. So you tell me wouldn’t go to the forum next?? Let me guess , “No!”

the screenshot wasn’t showing on my end so i didn’t see about it.

yeah, support might have sent and thought that it is the breeding event.

but the information if the current event is breeding would be correct. just that its fortification event. let your friend know to reply back to that ticket and say that it is fortification event so that they can give the correct one.

1/ Looks like you figured out how to attach the screenshot, cool :+1:
2/ No one has gone off topic as far as I can see, they have answered you query, but just in case: It can take up to 24 hours to activate.
3/ Support seems to have misunderstood your teammates query (it’s frustrating, I understand, though it does give you important information for when the breeding event with token bonus does happen.
4/ The screenshot i posted shows 21 topics regarding token bonus (20 excluding this one). So yes coming to the forum for information was the right move, however, please use the search function before creating another replicated post. A lot of information already exists here & is harder to find what you need with all the repications.
5/ Finally, your dissatisfaction with the delay in claiming to activation of the bonus, is sadly a sign of the times where people expect everything immediately. There are 13 weeks in each season, so claiming the bonus on day 1 means you have at least 90 days of token bonus to enjoy.

I know I have a habit of being blunt & come across as mean, so I apologize in advance if you find any of this offensive.

Have fun & remember it’s just a game

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I didn’t create this thread just the post and my post is relevant to the title. It’s funny you say they must have “misread” how can you misread anything regarding token bonus for winter season. Come on this is the first event of the season therefore if someone is asking about the token bonus they just claimed breeding event shouldn’t be in the sentence. The lady just sent him a message which stated, " I meant to say" which means no mis-reading. I just hit reply to the last message and included your name because you had a photo and I had a hard time including a screenshot in the thread no biggie like I said I didn’t create the thread. Finally 5, yes we live in a world where instant gratification is huge. Actually I could have sworn in yesterday’s stream they brought up wanting to satisfy the “instant gratification” I would like someone with some knowledge to why the token bonus is the only prize which takes time. I’m a person who hungers for knowledge so like I said pacifying me is impossible. I want to know , “Why”

maybe the instant gratification came from separating the egg token bonus and having its own branch.

if you want more knowledge, you can use the search button both from the new forum and the old forum.

My frustration is that some people seem to get it instantly and other have to wait 24 hours, then message support, then fight for two more days to get support to pay attention, then finally get it. Last season I got token boost immediately. This season I’m still waiting and have had zero response from support other than the standard we got your complaint and we’re looking into it blahblah blah response.

24hrs No bonus for me

Don’t forget, support is not PG. They are a 3rd party and don’t always have the right information.

Token boost always has been up to 24 hours for activation. This hasn’t changed.

If, after 24 hours it has still not activated, that would be a reason to post on forums about it and seek PX involvement.

I didn’t read all the other posts here. I skimmed but they were too long and seemed rude to each other. :joy::joy::joy:

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unless you are being angry in contacting them or queue is high

screenshot your egg token mission
send it to them and ask why it isn’t activated after 24 hours.

they should be able to activate it if they see that it’s been 24 hours.

you dont need to send a 10 paragraph about your life and then 1 line where it is not working.

after 24 hours has passed, then you contact them again. If support refuse to activate it, then thats the time to bring it to the forum and tag Jared. He will just ask if you have contacted support again after 24 hours based on what I see on every post that is complaining about support.

Mine showed up, about 24 hours after I earned it…

It took mine about 24 hours to go into effect which support said is pretty common. Using rubies to speed up missions won’t make it start working sooner.