Egg bonus is busted

Hi everyone for some reason I’m not getting my egg bonus. Is anyone else having this problem?

it takes 24 hours to get in your game so if you just got it you gotta wait

Yes, I had that problem. I claimed it on Thursday or Friday this past event, and once breed event ended, I was only getting the 20/40/80 payouts.
I put in a ticket last night and they fixed it when I woke this morning.

send a ticket with a screenshot of your egg token mission and the bonus being claimed so that they can activate it the moment they handle your ticket.

I have been since the season started. I submitted a ticket a few days ago. I got response yesterday that issue fixed and to reboot to set. Tried that and did a new mission. Still no bonus token. I replied back as requested. Still waiting for update on my ticket. If you haven’t done so already be sure to submit a ticket. You will need to include screen shots.

I had the same issue and had to do the same thing @Lutrus did. Just contact support.

I ended up deleting app and reinstalling (after 24 grace period). Everything worked fine after that.

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I would get withdrawals after 20 mins…

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