Egg bonus not stacking?

Seasonal egg bonus (100% increase) and x2 egg quest bonus from elite account do not seem to be stacking. Anyone else notice? What a rip-off.

First of all, egg tokens won’t stack during breeding event.
Second, please search before posting as many has asked before

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If you are talking about stacking of seasonal +100% token boost and Elite account bonus, they have to stack.
It should be 40+40, 80+80 and 160+160.

If you are talking about breeding token boost and seasonal token boost, they don’t stack and its clearly written in the award that it “Does not combine with breeding event bonus” .
And as darkhunter said, if you are new to forums, learn to search keywords before a new post.
Hope that clarifies your doubts.

Only other thing I will add is if in the unlikely event that you just got the token boost, it can take up to 24 hours to take effect but like the others said, it will only stack with the elite. Can’t have the triple stack

So to clarify,
With season boost, you should have 40, 80, 160
With Elite bonus on top, you should have 40+40, 80+80, 160+160

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So the bonus can take a day to be activated. If it’s been more than a day, file a ticket in game.

As others have said, if it’s working AND you have elite you will see 40+40 for the first mission.

Lastly, the season bonus does not stack with the event bonus this weekend. All as stated.

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