Egg bonus ( spring veil)

Hey everyone, in giubg fir Arbrean ( Half price hunter ) and I don’t know what’s so special about egg token bonus, can anyone help me out?

Egg token bonus is breeding token bonus for the whole season (not just during breeding event).

Don’t you mean Except during breeding events? Doesn’t this usually not stack with the breeding boost?

It doubles the basic value of egg tokens you get from missions.
Example: For 20 token mission -> Total eggs - 80 with Egg Token boost and Elite account
{20 tokens (basic value) + 20 tokens (egg boost)} + 40 tokens (elite account)
It doesnt stack with the boost you get inbreeding event though.

Oops sorry if it is confusing. I considered both breeding token bonus and breeding boost as one, so there is no way that they stack. The token boost allows the player to enjoy the bonus outside breeding event.

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Progression in this game is gated by egg tokens. If you want good dragons you’ll have to farm tokens. Egg token boost doubles your output (helps even more so if you have elite too) of tokens so you can progress much faster.

Always bumrush egg token bonus at the beginning of the season. Especially if you’re an active player.

If you don’t log in daily and dont bother with egg tokens by all means go for the hunter branch. But if you want to be a stronger and better player egg token bonus is the first step in doing so.

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So, when is this mighty bonus supposed to be delivered (from last season, I mean) waiting… waiting… waiting…

It doesnt get delivered or anything lol, just gets activate autommatically in a day or two when claimed, and egg token boost stays for 1 season only so last season (winter) boost has been expired up.


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