Egg Bonus Turned Off

I know there are other threads on this but didn’t want people to just think it’s old news and not check their own bonus but just noticed mine is not working anymore and sadly haven’t been paying attention enough today to notice at what point today it stopped working.

Been rubying missions all day and was thinking about making a thread about including a decimal in the total we get to see so that we can see the progress better (such as 110.2k rather than 110k). I’m an idiot for not noticing earlier but just check your boost I guess is the point of this post

Mine is still active.
just sped up a mission to see.

Mine is working …

Well shit.

Reboot …

Have a dozen times

Maybe the elite expired :thinking:

No. And even then it’d be 40 tokens not 20 + 20. In my ticket I told support to not tell me this is normal and I need to wait 24 hours for my boost to turn on and thats EXACTLY what they fuckin told me. My god these idiots never cease to amaze

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Ticket number 1083280 @PGJared sorry I hate tagging you guys but the zendesk guy is illiterate

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tried clearing your cache if this is on android?

Don’t know how to clear cache on iOS so most likely, its an uninstall.

clearing cache didn’t work (android). Waiting to hear from support to hopefully avoid that as others have said support turned their back on before, and I have a severe fear of losing my account in some way shape or form if I re-install

I had the token bonus vanish on me after the breeding event ended… having it vanish without a breeding event is really weird…

How did you get it back? I know you told me but I forgot

I deleted the game and reinstalled it. Then poof egg token bonus was back. If that hadn’t worked, I would have sent in a ticket. Figured deleting the game and reinstalling it should be tried before messaging support. They probably would have been all “Well, have you tried deleting the game and reinstalling it?” :joy::joy::joy:

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They did one worse in my case. I just don’t want to come into some nonsense that makes me lose my account. Seems there is something unexpected lurking behind every corner with this game

Probably try deleting the game data…

Whispers: Sometimes I have nightmares about losing my account and I play the game honestly.

Same. getting sync errors every 5 seconds when collecting the bonus itself made me think “if this gets put on me I swear…”

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Reinstall worked. Didn’t need to input any pocket id to get to my account though. Normal? Also hopefully support has the know how to look at my missions and compensate what I am owed?

Edit: what I earned I should have said before anyone goes nuts saying I’m so entitled to things


Unfortunately reinstalling seems to fix “most” problems…I’ve had to do it a time or 3. OMG, always with the compensation…:roll_eyes: just kidding, hope you get your tokens