Egg boost didn't work

Today I winish egg boost in season,but still didn’t work,same egg tokens before and now after still same egg tokens after mission

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Hi. This takes up to 24 hours to be put into effect between the time you claim it and the time you see the changes.

If it’s been longer than 24 hours since you claimed it, send support a message in game


Maybe she’s hit the magic 100k egg token mark? In which case it updates when you gather another 1k instead of another 100 tokens :laughing:

Edit: Never mind, you read it right lol. It’s been a long week. My reading comprehension is apparently shot to hell. But at least it’s finally the weekened :tada:

I don’t know why these bugs always surprise me. They do understand that this should be a simple, nearly instantaneous feature? I have this mental image of my pressing the button to claim the double token bonus…and a little slip of paper being printed out in some poor sweatshop overseas. Then the bustle of activity as downtrodden workers desperately type to manually fill my (and thousands of others) order. Ah well, over 40 hours with no token bonus, and 13 hours with no response from ticket.


Same issue for me and other team mates and a ticket opened about 18hrs ago…let’s wait these last hrs and cross fingers


Same issue here for me I’m glad I’m not alone (not wishing it on anyone). I put In a ticket last night after it reached 28 hour mark I waited From claiming it. Now nothing from pg today it’s approaching 48 hours soon. Some say after multis resets but multis reset twice in 48 hours that did nothing.

Lmao omg this is hilarious :joy: I sure Hope it’s no sweat shop tho lol

Over 60 hours, no bonus, no response.

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Still waiting since Friday for my bonus too. A lot of tokens being lost. Hmmmm. Maybe the sweatshops get them as payment.

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Update here*** My boost is now actively working after email they fixed it this morning. Now I’m trying to get compensation for loss of egg tokens for 2 days I saw On different post in forums someone else was compensated for it.

You are lucky.
I’m at day 3 without it active and still no good resolution for it :pensive:

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yup on my forth day now, guess it might be forced with the breeding event :wink:

Take note that it doesn’t work during the breeding event.

You may have to wait until AFTER the breeding event to find out if it’s working or not…

Hi,I text about egg boost didn’t work few days ago,and at the moment Egg boost still no working,and already finish event and near week still without boost

I got finally response and resolution yesterday but I’m not sure I got the lost egg tokens compensated back

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