Egg boost not working for over 2 days, ticket ignored for 2 days

claimed egg boost (yes, it says “claimed”) 3h after feeding started (2 am gmt+1 on 8th march here)
that’s 58h ago and still no double eggs.
ticket has been sent next day midday - no reply yet (#1058022)
I need those eggs!
@PGJared @Arelyna


Did you try force closing the app and restarting?

Yes… a few dozen times.

I have the same age problem. Even tried deleting game and reinstalling it but that didn’t work either. I’m now taking screen shot of before I complete an egg misson and after to prove how many egg tokens I’m losing and giving PG a running total.

They have said there are alot of tickets out there and they do their best to get through it. It will take some time. Just wait patiently and they will get there. Btw this is also said on forums before.

Instead of releasing sth they could start testing before. That’s not the point though. The not working boost throws me way back in my planning to have emerald next breed. This is practically the worst time for such an issue!
In addition the monuments stopped dropping chests now in favour of rubies. Great!

I do get chests from monuments. There are always issues at the start, better to be prepared.

Hi there! Unfortunately, the reason that you have not gotten a response from support about this issue yet is that the ticket queue is quite large still (over 2k tickets). Be aware that if you keep adding more replies to the ticket, it, unfortunately, pushes it farther down the queue.

I just checked into this, and it should be active. Please PM me if it is not.

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Am aware of the sort order for tickets (for a few hours…) criticizable but not the topic… thanks!


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